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Quickly save entire web pages by emailing a link

Feb 15, 2016 | News
Quickly save entire web pages by emailing a link

Mail2Tag has been retired in favor of Newsletter Subscriptions. Please use that feature instead.

Have you tried our feature Mail2Tag yet?

If not, now might be a good time to remind you what you have in your Inoreader toolbox. You can use it to subscribe to newsletters or promotions, so they don’t spam your precious Inbox and at the same time you don’t miss them, because you already have Inoreader in your daily workflow. You can also send individual emails directly to your tags and they will be saved exactly as they arrive.

Today we are upgrading the Mail2Tag feature. You can now send a single URL inside the subject or the body of the email and Inoreader’s powerful backend will automatically fetch the remote web site and save it as saved web page inside the tag. It’s yet another useful method to make you more productive by using your favorite tools – Inoreader and email.

Thanks again to our community for providing great ideas!

Mail2Tag is available for Professional accounts. If you still haven’t tried the many benefits of Pro accounts, you can get a 14 days free trial.

The Inoreader team