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The all-new Inoreader for Android is here!

Mar 29, 2016 | News
The all-new Inoreader for Android is here!

You can also read this post in Chinese.

If you’ve been using our Android app you might have noticed that we haven’t updated it in the past couple of months. Fear not, we have not abandoned you! On the contrary – we decided to rewrite it from scratch. We’ll be the first to admit that up until now our Android application wasn’t the greatest piece of software you can use. It wasn’t engineered well and it crashed a lot. The navigation was also a bit outdated with only back-forward action.

We are proud to present version 4.0 of our Android app.

Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

Completely new navigation with expandable folders. You can now switch between sections faster than ever. You can also find quick access to the settings at the bottom of the menu.

Redesigned magazine view with bigger thumbnails and а completely new card view will allow you to scan through photo blogs or news sites quicker and better.

The new context menus look better than before while retaining the same quick functionality you are used to so you don’t need to adapt to something completely new.

Of course, we did not forget about themes and where would Inoreader be without its famous dark theme. We even added optimization for AMOLED screens, so you will conserve energy while using Inoreader on such a device.

Here are some other changes that deserve mention:

  • New “Home” section where you will see the most relevant news from your subscriptions
  • Ability to set a start screen by long-pressing an item from the tree. This will make the app always start from that selection.
  • Modern design according to Google’s Material Design specifications
  • Gestures have been removed for now, because they were the reason for most of the crashes. Fear not, they will be available again in one of the next versions.

Please take into consideration that this is the first public release of a whole new app. If you spot any issues or have a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Inoreader team