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About today’s outage [Update May 30]

May 27, 2016 | News
About today’s outage [Update May 30]

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UPDATE: We have completely recovered all data. Read more here.

Today we had our first major database crash and to tell you that we were fully prepared will be a lie. We weren’t. Due to human error during regular maintenance work, we’ve simultaneously lost two database servers (master and slave) and their data. Backups are in place, but due to the huge amounts of data and some other issues, it will take time for restoration.

What is affected:

  • Articles older than 3 days will not be available at the moment. This includes saved web pages and mail2tag emails.
  • Some feeds might not update for a while, because we are now ignoring articles that doesn’t have valid pubDate field. This is a temporary precaution to avoid duplicating content.
What isn’t affected:
  • Your credentials, including linked social accounts
  • Your preferences, including per-feed settings.
  • Folders
  • Subscriptions, including Facebook, Google+, and VK feeds
  • Rules
  • Bundles
  • OPML subscriptions
  • Monitoring feeds
  • Teams
  • Highlighters
  • Email contacts
  • Reading statistics
The service is restored with the last 3 days worth of data and new articles should arrive as before. Monitoring feeds, rules and all other features should work as before. During the next several days we will work around the clock to restore older data.
As a compensation, we have activated full Professional plan for all users for 2 months (Until August 01)! Current premium users will be compensated with 2 months of extension of their plans! 
We sincerely apologize to our clients and we can assure you that we are taking all the necessary precautions to never let this happen again.

We will update this post when we have more information on the recovery.

UPDATE May 28 23:30 GMT:
ETA for data recovery first results is June 01. We expect to have all articles between 2005 and August 2015 to be available by then, including all starred and tagged ones. We will then proceed with newer articles.
We will also temporarily extend the 30-day limit for unread articles to 45 days, so you will be able to catch up with your reading.

UPDATE May 30 17:00 GMT:

Recovery is on track and we are pretty confident that we’ll be able to restore the missing data. There are still many factors that prevents us to give an accurate ETA, but Saturday June 04 should be a safe bet. If anything changes, we’ll post updates here.

About the promised compensations – All current subscribers with active rebilling plans will receive coupons for 2 months of Professional plan on their email. All other users that have active Starter/Plus/Professional/Team accounts without active rebilling plans will automatically receive a two-month extension tomorrow.

UPDATE June 01 15:00 GMT:

Your data is safe! See our transparency report from today for details.

The Inoreader team