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Data recovery complete!

Jun 6, 2016 | News
Data recovery complete!

You can also read this post in Chinese.

Following up on the recent events, we are glad to inform you that databases have been recovered and running in production again. You should be able to see all articles now.

We are now running a data integrity check on all articles now, which will take at least a week, to be sure that nothing is missing. Even if we find missing articles, we have means to restore them. For now it looks like everything is here.
Since we are rebuilding caches the service might run slower than usual for a while. If you spot any issues, do not hesitate to send us feedback.

It looks like there are some articles from April and May that got corrupted during the recovery. We are doing a full scan and they will all be recovered too. We are estimating that it will take around 2 weeks for the full scan to complete. During this period you might see those older article showing up as unread in your feeds. If you want to prevent that, use the Mark all as read function on all feeds (or folders) that you have fully read.

The Inoreader team