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3D Touch comes to Inoreader 4.8 for iOS

Jul 6, 2016 | News
3D Touch comes to Inoreader 4.8 for iOS

Version 4.8 of our iOS app was just published to the App Store featuring the long-awaited 3D Touch functionality. You can now take advantage of your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus’s 3D Touch capabilities to enhance your Inoreader experience further. To learn more about 3D Touch, click here.

Thanks to our new quick actions, you can now jump straight to a list of predefined sections (like All articles or Stars) straight from your iOS home screen by 3D touching our icon.

You can also peek inside feeds, folders and articles without actually opening them – without loosing your context. Just press a bit harder on the item and you will see a window to peek inside. Scroll up to see a list of actions you can do with the item, or if you like the content, press a little harder and you will pop inside just as if you opened the item by tapping.

Version 4.8 is already available on the App Store. You can turn on automatic updates, so you know you are always using the latest version.

The Inoreader team