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Filters are now available in our IFTTT channel

Feb 13, 2017 | News
Filters are now available in our IFTTT channel

If you are using IFTTT with Inoreader, you will be happy to learn that we have recently launched an updated channel with one small, yet very powerful change, Filters:

Filtered applets will only run when an article title or content matches the keyword or phrase. And of course since Inoreader is built for power users, we also allow you to use the power of regular expressions in the Filter field. Just wrap the regular expression in forward slashes, like /Cholocate cookies?/ which will match both “Chocolate cookies” and “Chocolate cookie”.

Already thinking of some nice Apples to go with our new filters? Share them with our community in the comments section.

IFTTT Integration is available in our Professional plan.

The Inoreader team