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Get news in your language with our new localized catalog

Feb 22, 2017 | News
Get news in your language with our new localized catalog

Many people rely on Inoreader to get news and updates primarily in the English language. Local news are often as important, but usually more difficult to find. That’s why in the past few months we have worked together with partners in select countries to build a localized catalog with the best sources for localized news. Here is the list of countries:

  • France (Nouvelles de France)
  • Brazil (Notícias do Brasil)
  • China (国内新闻)
  • Russia (Новости России)
  • Germany (Nachrichten aus Deutschland)
  • Spain (Noticias de España)
  • Ukraine (Новини України)
  • Japan (日本からのニュース)
  • Poland (Wiadomości z Polski)
  • Bulgaria (Новини от България)
  • Italy (Notizie da Italia)
Additionally we have local news in English from the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada.
To access the new catalog, just open our Discovery section. On the web it’s enough to click on the search bar. On Mobile just tap the + sign on the main screen.  Depending on your country you will see the correct category first.
The new catalog is accessible on all devices, but for faster access we urge you to install the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps.
We are doing our best to bring you the most refined and balanced news in your language and we have recently partnered with Deutsche Welle (DW) to deliver unbiased and reliable news for your country. Local DW news feeds are available for the following countries:
  • Brazil (5 separate topics)
  • Germany (5 separate topics)
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Ukraine
  • France
  • China

We hope that this addition will help you find localized news more easily. If you think there is a news source in your language that we’ve missed, we’ll be happy to learn about it, contact us directly for recommendations.

The Inoreader team