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Mobile App Redesign and a Bunch of Improvements in Inoreader

Apr 13, 2018 | News
Mobile App Redesign and a Bunch of Improvements in Inoreader

Dear Inoreader fans, it’s with utmost pleasure that we introduce our sweet new mobile app redesign. It’s a major update that brings an entirely new look and feel to the app!

We have just released it for iOS first and Android is coming soon too.

Here is what’s new:
  • Newly organized navigation system. We feel that the new navigation is much simpler to understand and use, it’s faster and will allow us to greatly expand the functionality of the app.


  • There’s a completely new section called “Library”, which houses your Tags, Active searches, Saved web pages and in the future will do quite a lot more. We have also added a new “Recently read” under the same group.
  • The “Eye” menu is now opened via left swipe from the right corner of the screen.


  • We have added a specially optimized article view for selected feeds. Try with “The Verge” for example. We plan to add this view to a lot more feeds.


  • Redesigned sharing and saving options
  • New default fonts optimized for reading – we have chosen Ubuntu for the UI elements. It has a contemporary style and contains characteristics unique to the Ubuntu brand that convey a “precise, reliable and free attitude”.
  • For default body text we have chosen Merriweather as the default serif font, but it can still be changed from preferences to several other options.
  • Custom icons everywhere making the app feel friendlier and more intuitive, with overall focusing more on imagery not so much on explanatory texts.

  • The search functionality has been enhanced with new search history and combined search for feeds and articles.
  • We have changed the concept around themes. We now support “Day” and “Night” mode to be used during contextual hours.
  • For iPhone X we have a special AMOLED optimized “Night” mode.
  • The comments section have been completely redesigned too to be more user friendly.
  • We have also fixed a lot of bugs from the previous versions and made many performance optimizations.
  • Last but not least, we are very proud to boast a large (by our standards) beta tester community so expect lots of improvements, and any major issues to be swiftly dealt with!


All the best from our team, we want your feedback – here in the comments, the Contact Support option in the app, our forum, wherever you choose … we are tuned in!