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You Shared Your Thoughts, We Listened: iPad UX Overhaul in 6.1

May 28, 2018 | News
You Shared Your Thoughts, We Listened: iPad UX Overhaul in 6.1

One of the most discussed areas of our iOS redesign was the iPad experience and how it lacked certain usability features that made the previous version a pleasure to use. Thus we quickly tried to adapt what you told us was missing!

Here is a list of what we changed:


  • We now have better split view in landscape mode and separate buttons to easily navigate through articles.


  • Open the subscriptions drawer with swiping, not only from the hamburger menu.

  • YouTube and other embeds now stretch to the full width of the screen and their proper aspect ratio is maintained.


  • Tags and Active Searches are now directly listed inside the Library. There’s no intermediate screen between the tree pane and your favorite tags, saving you one additional tap.



  • You can now swipe back from the Safari View (integrated browser). Previously it was only possible to close it from the “Close” button.
  • Safari View (integrated browser) now always opens on full screen, even on landscape mode.


  • Tree width now respects the device screen and will stretch on larger phones, giving more screen estate for your subscriptions.
Thanks to all who helped us fix this and put the redesign on the right track!