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A fresh look for your Microblogs, Twitter and Facebook Feeds

Nov 25, 2019 | News
A fresh look for your Microblogs, Twitter and Facebook Feeds

Disclaimer: Please note that this article was published before March 30, 2023, when Twitter feeds stopped being updated and available to follow on Inoreader due to changes in Twitter API policies.

If you’ve browsed your Twitter or Facebook page feeds in the last week, you have probably noticed that we changed the presentation of the posts, so they are more coherent with how a microblog post should look like.

Initially, Inoreader started as a pure RSS reader and titles are an essential part of any RSS article. That’s why the title was a very important UX element since the beginning. An article without a title just couldn’t function properly. Microblogs, however rarely have separate titles, just a simple post, sometimes with attached media. Here’s how those posts look like in Inoreader’s Expanded view now:

Initially we made this change specifically for Twitter and Facebook feeds, but we found that there are lots of other feeds that can benefit from this change. So we took the extra mile and extended our feed parser to read additional author metadata whenever available and also added a custom parser for JSON feeds extensions.

Now whenever Inoreader detects an article with an author and without a title it will present it as a microblog post. We hope this change improves your experience with microblogs.

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