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Will Mastodon replace Twitter? See for yourself with Inoreader!

Nov 8, 2022 | News
Will Mastodon replace Twitter? See for yourself with Inoreader!

If you were among the first to take a break from Twitter after Elon Musk’s turbulent takeover, we have exciting news – Inoreader now supports Mastodon! With our latest integration, you can follow people and hashtags as well as share content from Inoreader if you’d like to migrate to the platform or simply follow creators that moved there. Most importantly, it’s available to all Inoreader users, Free or Pro!

Why Mastodon?

Given all the uncertainty surrounding Twitter and its future, users have begun looking for an alternative to replace it with. Self-described as a “radically different social media, back in the hands of the people”, Mastodon has managed to attract almost half a million new users since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter on October 27 with its promise of ad- and algorithm-free experience and decentralization, making each server in its network an independent entity with own regulations and rules. The Mastodon software is free and open-source, allowing for community contributions and suggested changes.

Sounds good, but how can you use Inoreader to accelerate your Mastodon migration? Read on to find out!

Follow people and hashtags

To follow a Mastodon user on Inoreader, you should simply open their profile in your browser and copy the URL. Then, when you paste it into our search bar, you can follow their personal feed for updates and do the same with hashtags you are interested in.

Share content from Inoreader

You want to broadcast content to your audience on Mastodon directly from Inoreader? Start tooting (yes, that’s actually how posting is called in the Mastodon universe) your favorite articles with our custom sharing options!

To do so, you must click on the three dots next to the sharing options when reading an article, scroll down and click the Organize sharing options button. Then, when you click on the Add custom site button, you should enter the platform’s name and your sharing URL (https://your.server/share?text=[TITLE]&url=[URL]).

If you want to take it up a notch and add an icon for easier navigation, you can do this by clicking on More settings and pasting this URL: Finally, you should click on Save custom site and drag the sharing button to the position you want to keep it on.

And voilá – you are now ready to explore Mastodon with the help of Inoreader! 🐘