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Bundles: collect and share the best sources for your topics

Oct 6, 2014 | News
Bundles: collect and share the best sources for your topics

Note: Please be informed that as of 2024, Inoreader has deprecated the Bundles feature.

Introducing Bundles

Whenever you start digging into a new topic of interest or you just stray away from your regular news sources, you probably reach the same problem we all do – too many sources and too little time to scan through all of them. In order to help in the battle against information overflow, we present to you our new feature – Bundles. The functionality has gone through more than 3 months of beta testing and with the help of your feedback we have (hopefully) improved on the core idea.

Bundles try to make content sharing and content discovery as easy as possible. We wanted to build a 1-click solution to subscribe to a list of recommended sources, organized by topic. This is exactly where bundles come in.


With bundles you can show your favorite sources for everyone to discover. You can share the most helpful blogs on the Internet or the best sources for photography/cooking/design/insert-hobby-here. Creating a bundle is easy as 1-2-3. You need to go to your Preferences > Collaboration > Bundles. Here you can create a bundle, give it a name and customize it with a picture of your choice. Then you can choose all the relevant feeds you want to include in the bundle. To choose sources, browse through your feed folders.

Finally, you can share the bundle with friends.

Your Bundles can be also found in your Profile resume when someone is looking at your profile.

You can share OPML files for your bundles too choosing the “Get OPML link:


Just paste the URL provided by your friends or colleagues in your browser address bar and click on the Subscribe button.

Subscribing to bundles lets you follow tried and true information sources – a helpful way of getting acquainted with an unfamiliar topic or a fun way to discover interesting sites.

We sure hope you’ll like Bundles – as always, if there is any way we can make the functionality better, let us know.

The Innologica Team