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Inoreader 3.0 for iOS debuting card view, social features and more…

Feb 6, 2015 | News
Inoreader 3.0 for iOS debuting card view, social features and more…

Our latest release for iOS has just been approved by Apple.
It is labeled as a major release (3.0), because there are some significant changes.

Card view

One of the biggest additions in this version is the new card view. It is of course available on both iPad and iPhone. It’s best suited for browsing photo-related content, but can be good for other feeds too. You can choose it from the Eye menu. To open up the action menu for a specific article, just long-press a card and it will pop up.
We have invested a great amount of effort to be sure that cards look and feel great on all available device screens, even on the iPhone 6+.
You can also rotate your device to see two cards in a row:
If you really like the new card view and find it that you are using it in all feedsYou can set the new card view as default in Preferences -> Layout.

Social features

The web version of Inoreader allows you to connect with your friends and collaborate on reading. Meaning you can comment, like and broadcast articles together. With this release of our iOS app, we are bringing those features to mobile too. Of course the full stack of social features is still not available, but we will add more in the future releases.

iPad usability updates

Based on your feedback, we have improved the iPad usability in portrait mode. Tapping on an article in the left column will now automatically collapse it and the column itself will hover on top of the article instead of shrinking it, just like you’d expect from an iPad app. In landscape mode the behavior is the same as before.

Other changes

There are also some smaller changes in this release that worth mentioning:
  • iPad: The currently opened article no longer dims when you leave the section and you can still navigate to next or previous articles until you switch to another section.
  • iPad: When you open a section, the first article is no longer automatically opened and marked as read.
  • Added an unread counter badge on the tags tab. This is useful if you have monitoring feeds or rules that automatically tag new articles based on keywords.
  • Reduced flickering of images in magazine view by smoothly fading the loaded thumbnails.
  • Optimized some menu animations by adding better and more natural easing.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
We hope you will enjoy this release as much as we did while building it!
The Innologica team