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Fandroids The Wait is Over! Inoreader 6.0 Redesign is Live on Android

Aug 23, 2018 | News
Fandroids The Wait is Over! Inoreader 6.0 Redesign is Live on Android

Inoreader for Android lovers rejoice – for all of you who patiently waited along and for those of you who heeded their observations and excitement on Twitter:

We heard you loud and clear and the new app is now live!


  • Updated navigation tree looks with larger icons and stronger fonts.

  • There’s a completely new section called “Library”, which houses your Tags, Active searches, Saved web pages and in the future will do quite a lot more. We have also added a new “Recently read” under the same group.

  • The “Eye” menu is now opened via tap when you are located at the top of every feed.

  • We have added a specially optimized article view for selected feeds and one important change here is to enter immersive mode you now have to tap only once on the article, not twice. Try with “The Verge” for example. We plan to add this view to a lot more feeds.

  • Redesigned sharing and saving options.

  • We’ve kept the old Mark all as read button since many of you insisted it is a key part of the core user experience.

  • We now have a day/night mode and have kept the special AMOLED optimized “Night” mode.

  • Custom icons everywhere making the app feel friendlier and more intuitive, with overall focusing more on imagery not so much on explanatory texts.
  • The comments section have been completely redesigned to be more user friendly.

Our team wishes you happy using and please provide us your feedback so we can fix any issues in a timely manner … we are tuned in!