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Automate Like a Boss With Zapier and Inoreader

Jul 1, 2019 | News
Automate Like a Boss With Zapier and Inoreader

If you are a seasoned Inoreader user, you should already know that Inoreader is not just a regular RSS reader, but a power tool that can be used to achieve practically anything with the information coming into your account. And if you are new here, there’s so much to learn.

But as powerful as our Rules are, when it comes to integrations they are limited to sending articles only to services that we have direct integration with.

That’s why in the past months we worked hard to bring you Zapier integration, so you will be able to connect Inoreader with 1500+ apps in any way you can imagine!

Zapier is a productivity tool that seamlessly connects over 1,500 business apps, such as Gmail, Slack, and MailChimp. Zapier helps to automate routine processes and repetitive tasks without the need for coding or technical resources. The company’s mission is to help everyone be more productive at work.

Zapier uses event-based automation called Zaps – workflows that connect your apps and streamline routine tasks.

To learn more about Zapier, please visit or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out Inoreader’s channel to get some ideas what you can do with Zaps and start creating your own. By creating Zaps with Zapier you can automate an endless amount of different actions – for example if you broadcast an article within Inoreader, you can send it to Buffer or automatically save your starred articles to Instapaper. Or even the other way around – you can save stuff in Inoreader from other apps. For example you can save YouTube videos matching certain search term into an Inoreader tag. Neat huh?

Zapier’s integration with Inoreader opens up a whole world of automation! The following are a few ready to use Zaps to get you started:

Zapier integration is available in our Pro plan. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Use the Contact support option in our apps to send your feedback.