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Housekeeping: Happy Juneteenth 2024

We're taking tomorrow off in recognition...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 01:42
QOTD: Which Automaker Will Go Bankrupt Next?

Fisker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 01:42
Used Car of the Day: 1989 Isuzu Space Cab

Today we have an oddity -- a 1989 Isuzu...

Wed Jun 19, 2024 00:42
2024 Nissan Z Heritage Edition Announced With Retro Touches

Nissan has announced the 2024 Nissan Z Heritage Edition which “celebrates a legacy of sports car excitement.”Likely aware that true sports cars are becoming tragically rare and sentimentality sells, Nissan has launched a few special edition models recently. The GT-R is getting a couple of limited variants designed to play heavily into its heritage...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 22:42
The Tesla Model Y is the Most American-Made Vehicle On Sale Today

Years ago, Chevy had its “Heartbeat of America” ad campaign, which highlighted the brand’s impact on the country and its workers. Now, however, General Motors isn’t even in the top ten of the most American-made brands, as the list has been taken over by Tesla and Japanese automakers with domestic production lines.’s recent American-Made...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 21:42
Report: A Third of New-Car Buyers Wouldn't Consider a Purchase Without Smartphone Mirroring

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two of the most widespread and popular tech features in new cars today, and buyers aren’t shy about speaking their minds on the tech. A recent McKinsey & Co. survey found that around a third of buyers would not purchase a car without the smartphone mirroring features. The survey showed that 30 percent of global...

Tue Jun 18, 2024 20:43

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