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Bring all the power of rules – an automatic way to organize and manage articles in your Inoreader.

Read on to see more about rules and how to use them.

What are rules?

Rules are a handy way to automate your content consumption. They are applied to incoming articles and can filter content based on a number of conditions like keywords in the content, author names, URL strings or article attachments. You can use rules to automatically tag, star or mark as read, send articles to a number of services, broadcast, send to email or use desktop alerts.

Why use rules?

Like many other power-user features, rules may look a bit complicated to use at first, but the benefits can be huge. Rules do the basic filtering and organizing work for you – if you’d like, you can think of them as the rules you can use in an email client. They save time and boost your productivity by letting you focus on what’s really important – reading. You can make rules as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on your needs. And the final answer to the question is simply “why not” – any Inoreader user can create their own rule. Just give it a go and see if it’s helpful to you (we bet it will be!)

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