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The Future of Compliance - How Cognitive Computing is Transforming the Banking Industry

With regulations increasing and fines for non-compliance in the billions, financial institutions need to transform compliance management. Read how cognitive computing technology can help an institution realign its approach from ...

Next Generation: Governance Risk and Compliance

Today, the value proposition of next-generation governance, risk and compliance (GRC) — driving growth through transformative business value, while seamlessly integrating domain-specific technologies such as advanced risk modeling ...

An End to End Approach to Compliance with Watson

Keeping up with regulatory change is placing a significant burden on financial institutions. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group in 2017, the number of individual regulatory changes that banks must track on a global ...

IBM Datacap and Box Datasheet

Learn how to capture documents to and from Box with automatic classification and data extraction to streamline business processes.

Forrester Wave Dynamic Case Management

IBM is a leader in the 21 criteria ranking by Forrester of 14 dynamic case management vendors . This report will help enterprise architecture professionals select the best providers to meet their needs.

Ebook: Putting an End to Content Chaos

This eBook takes you on a journey to outthink content chaos and discover how your industry can gain real value from your business content. Read how industry leaders are reflecting on the important challenges they face, and how ...

Deliver Superior Customer Interactions with IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager

Through this interactive demonstration you will learn about how IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager can improve customer interaction for loan processing and customer complaint management. You are in the drivers seat as the ...

Data Science: From the Enterprise to Your Desktop. To Business Analysts and Data Scientists

New SPSS Modeler Subscription For decades, IBM SPSS Modeler has been the trusted Predictive Analytics platform for thousands of organizations around the world. Its powerful analytics capabilities, deployment at scale and ...

Live Webinar: The ROI of implementing IBM Streams

Jon Erickson, Vice President and Director from Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact practice explains IBM Streams Total Economic Impact™ IBM recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) ...

Smarter Operations: The Value Chain’s Vital Role in Digital Evolution, Chapter 3: The Role of Additive Manufacturing in Production of the Future

Imagine having a commercial-grade factory at your digital fingertips. A place that can manufacture your wide range of products or parts and then ship them out on the very same day? This is called Additive Manufacturing (AM), ...

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