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‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’ Review: Annie Murphy Tackles Two Shows at Once in AMC’s Savvy New Series

The "Schitt's Creek" Emmy-winner seeks revenge on behalf of all cast aside sitcom wives in AMC's curious hybrid between broad sitcom and dark drama.

Tom Spezialy to Serve as Showrunner on Marvel’s ‘Silk’ Series — Report

The executive producer of HBO's acclaimed "Watchman" will serve as showrunner on the upcoming live-action Marvel show.

Willem Dafoe on How the Pandemic Impacted His Work and Committing to ‘Hair-Raising’ Abel Ferrara Movies

The "Siberia" actor also explained his commitment to film over TV and his continuing investment in the theatrical experience.

R.J. Cutler to Direct Juul Docuseries for Netflix Based on Acclaimed Book

The director behind the acclaimed "Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry" is setting his sights on the vape giant for his next project.

‘Dave’ Featurette: Season 2 of FXX Show Digs Deeper, Goes Darker

The second season of "Dave" touches on the darker elements of the music industry and how they influence the series' titular character.

As Box Office Plummets For Big Summer Movies, ‘F9’ Can’t Come Soon Enough, and Theaters Are Looking to Pivot

While "A Quiet Place 2" continues to do well and "F9" has potential, some multiplexes are exploring new revenue options.

‘Nobody’: Script for Potential Sequel to Bob Odenkirk Film Is in the Works

A "Nobody" sequel hasn't been greenlit but Derek Kolstad, who wrote the original film, is already working on a script for a second film.

‘Us’ Review: Tom Hollander Stars in a Crumbling Family Drama That Forgets Most of the Family

Saskia Reeves also co-stars in PBS’ latest “Masterpiece” presentation, a show that’s as in search of itself as its protagonist.

‘Evil’ Review: A Wilder, More Stuffed Season 2 Is Still in Touch with Its Devilish Side

Making the jump to Paramount+, this former CBS drama still embraces every surreal layer of its supernatural tug-of-war.

Dave Chappelle Delivers a Rousing Follow-Up to ‘Block Party’ For Packed Radio City Crowd

"Dave Chappelle: This Time This Place," from "American Factory" directors Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert, played to a packed and appreciative house.

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