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Viewpoint: A New Drift in Spin-Based Electronics

Author(s): Arabinda Haldar and Anjan BarmanA symmetry-breaking mechanism allows researchers to produce and observe a directed current of magnons in a magnetic insulator, opening new possibilities in magnon-based electronics.[Physics 14, 92] Published Wed Jun 23, 2021

Synopsis: Tiny Spheres Do the Electric Jiggle

Author(s): Sophia ChenSome micrometer-sized spheres undergo unexpected oscillations when placed in an electric field—a motion that engineers could exploit to make tiny robots. [Physics 14, s78] Published Wed Jun 23, 2021

Synopsis: Demonstrating Quantum Communication Under Realistic Conditions

Author(s): Katherine WrightResearchers achieve secure “real-world” quantum communication along 428 km of optical fiber, the longest terrestrial distance outside of a lab setting.[Physics 14, s75] Published Tue Jun 22, 2021

Focus: Optical Fiber Modes Resist Deformations

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzA machine-learning approach quickly characterizes an optical fiber, identifying transmission channels that aren’t affected by deformation.[Physics 14, 90] Published Mon Jun 21, 2021

Synopsis: The Smallest Quantum Computer Yet

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzA trapped-ion-based quantum computer that fits in two boxes, each the size of a studio apartment’s shower, can create a fully entangled 24-particle quantum state.[Physics 14, s73] Published Thu Jun 17, 2021

Synopsis: Pulsar Halo Hints at Slow Diffusion of Cosmic Rays  

Author(s): Marric StephensObservations made by the LHAASO gamma-ray observatory show huge differences in the rate at which charged particles propagate through the Milky Way.[Physics 14, s77] Published Wed Jun 16, 2021

Synopsis: Cantilever Experiments Update Description of Thermal Noise  

Author(s): Erika K. CarlsonMultiple sources of mechanical dissipation seem to explain why a cantilever subject to an extreme temperature gradient has less thermal noise than theory predicts. [Physics 14, s76] Published Tue Jun 15, 2021

Viewpoint: When the Disorder is Just Right

Author(s): Philip W. PhillipsA new model suggests that disorder can be a crucial ingredient for producing non-Fermi-liquid behavior in a system of interacting fermions.[Physics 14, 88] Published Mon Jun 14, 2021

Focus: Surface Effect Contributes to Small Structures’ Surprising Strength

Author(s): Dan GaristoExperiments that compress cubes containing gold nanowires suggest that a previously overlooked feature may help explain the surprising strength of tiny objects.[Physics 14, 87] Published Fri Jun 11, 2021

Synopsis: An Optical System Defies Conventional Band Theory

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzSqueezed wave functions reshape an open quantum system’s bulk-boundary properties and generate a new class of parity-time symmetry.[Physics 14, s70] Published Thu Jun 10, 2021

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