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Focus: Turning a Quantum Computer into a Time Crystal

Author(s): Philip BallGoogle’s Sycamore quantum processor can simulate an elusive quantum system called a discrete time crystal.[Physics 14, 131] Published Mon Sep 20, 2021

Research News: Toward Skin-Like Electronics

Author(s): Katherine WrightA technique that allows researchers to fabricate 42,000 elastic transistors per square centimeter takes them a step closer to creating electronic devices that look and behave like skin.[Physics 14, 130] Published Thu Sep 16, 2021

Synopsis: A Way to Experimentally Test String Theory’s “Fuzzball” Prediction

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzSimulations reveal the gravitational-wave signal of string theory’s “fuzzy” black holes, a signature that researchers could potentially measure.[Physics 14, s110] Published Thu Sep 16, 2021

Synopsis: A Scalable Code for Reducing Quantum Errors

Author(s): Sophia ChenA new scheme could offer a technologically viable solution for remedying computational errors in near-term quantum devices.[Physics 14, s118] Published Wed Sep 15, 2021

Viewpoint: From Coordination to Collapse in Rigged Economies

Author(s): Sitabhra SinhaA game-theoretical model of a rigged economy predicts the emergence of cartels followed by a risk of instability as the economy becomes more complex.[Physics 14, 129] Published Wed Sep 15, 2021

Synopsis: Superpositions of Chiral Molecules

Author(s): Christopher CrockettMatter-wave diffraction can put chiral molecules into superpositions of left- and right-handed forms, enabling new studies of how the two states interact with their environment.[Physics 14, s108] Published Tue Sep 14, 2021

Synopsis: Long-Range Spin Currents with Chiral Crystals

Author(s): Marric StephensChiral crystals can produce spin-polarized currents that propagate over tens of micrometers—a promising feature for application in spintronics devices.[Physics 14, s113] Published Tue Sep 14, 2021

Research News: Pedestrian Physics Walks Away with Two Ig Nobels

Author(s): Michael SchirberThis year’s Ig Nobel prize winners include two groups of physicists studying how humans avoid—and sometimes don’t avoid—collisions while walking.[Physics 14, 128] Published Mon Sep 13, 2021

Focus: Quantum Solution to Classical Drag Puzzle

Author(s): Mark BuchananA quantum-inspired model explains why objects moving in a fluid experience drag even at high speeds where viscosity should be negligible. [Physics 14, 127] Published Fri Sep 10, 2021

Synopsis: Bacteria That Shove Harder, Move Further

Author(s): Rahul RaoSimulations show that the harder bacteria in a swarm push against one another, the more likely they are to go on long “walks.”[Physics 14, s116] Published Thu Sep 09, 2021

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