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Multiferroics are a Spintronics Game Changer

Author(s): Rogério de SousaA new experiment shows that spin currents can be controlled electrically in the room temperature multiferroic material BiFeO3.[Physics 15, 124] Published Mon Aug 15, 2022

Hydrophobic Ice More Common than Thought

Author(s): Greg KimmelResearchers have observed the formation of 2D ice on gold surfaces that were thought to be too hydrophilic and too rough to support this type of ice.[Physics 15, 126] Published Fri Aug 12, 2022

Twinkle, Twinkle, Star No More

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzNew forecasting approaches could help users of ground-based telescopes predict when the atmosphere will most blur incoming light, allowing them to better remove the effect.[Physics 15, 125] Published Thu Aug 11, 2022

Solving a Puzzle in Brain Development

Author(s): Ryan WilkinsonScientists may have answered a longstanding question in biophysics: how the brain learns to recognize features in images before a newborn even opens its eyes.[Physics 15, s107] Published Thu Aug 11, 2022

Liquid Metal Experiment Mimics Accretion Disks

Author(s): Geoffroy LesurUsing a magnetically stirred liquid metal, researchers have reproduced a key feature of astrophysical accretion disks: a turbulence-based transfer of angular momentum.[Physics 15, 115] Published Wed Aug 10, 2022

Identifying a Galactic Particle Accelerator

Author(s): Marric StephensAn analysis of 12 years of gamma-ray observations has allowed researchers to pinpoint a Galactic source of high-energy cosmic rays.[Physics 15, s106] Published Wed Aug 10, 2022

Quantum Thermal Transistor Amplifies Heat Currents

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzA three-qubit transistor design offers a way to manipulate the system’s heat flow by hitting one of the qubits with a laser.  [Physics 15, s103] Published Tue Aug 09, 2022

Plasma Gratings for High-Power Lasers

Author(s): Matteo RiniA compact, high-power laser could be made using gratings made of plasma.[Physics 15, s108] Published Tue Aug 09, 2022

Fusion Turns Up the Heat

Author(s): Matthew ZepfA laser-fusion scheme has achieved ignition—an important step on the road to energy production.[Physics 15, 67] Published Mon Aug 08, 2022

For the Best Burger, A Quadruple Flip

Author(s): Katherine WrightA new mathematical model predicts when and how often to flip food on the grill to ensure it is cooked to perfection in the shortest time possible.[Physics 15, 123] Published Fri Aug 05, 2022

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