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The Uneven Spread of Citations

Author(s): Katherine WrightMinority physicists are significantly undercited compared to their white, male counterparts, which can have serious career consequences. A new tool is allowing researchers to reduce this imbalance.[Physics 16, 15] Published Mon Jan 30, 2023

Probing Majorana Neutrinos

Author(s): Laura BaudisDetecting neutrinoless double-beta decay would confirm that the neutrino is its own antiparticle. Data from the KamLAND-Zen experiment contain no strong evidence of such events, constraining neutrino properties.[Physics 16, 13] Published Mon Jan 30, 2023

Memories Become Chaotic before They Are Forgotten

Author(s): Philip BallA model for information storage in the brain reveals how memories decay with age.[Physics 16, 14] Published Fri Jan 27, 2023

The Unimportance of Accurate Financial Knowledge

Author(s): Marric StephensSimulations of the behavior of individual financial traders show that imperfect market knowledge increases risk but not overall losses.[Physics 16, s13] Published Fri Jan 27, 2023

Quantum Circuit Tackles “Diabolical” Photochemical Process

Author(s): Matteo RiniA quantum device shows promise for simulating molecular dynamics in a difficult-to-model photochemical process that is relevant to vision.[Physics 16, s14] Published Thu Jan 26, 2023

How Nature’s Donuts Get Their Wrinkles

Author(s): Ryan WilkinsonA new model explains the wrinkling patterns seen in nature’s donut-shaped objects, such as those found in jellyfish.[Physics 16, s5] Published Wed Jan 25, 2023

Twinkling of a Shrinking Droplet Reveals Hidden Complexity

Author(s): Ryan WilkinsonCaptivating patterns found in the light scattered by an evaporating water droplet could be used to infer the properties of the droplet as it shrinks.[Physics 16, s9] Published Tue Jan 24, 2023

Air Waveguide from “Donut” Laser Beams

Author(s): Ya ChengA waveguide sculpted in air with lasers transmits light over a distance of nearly 50 meters, which is 60 times farther than previous air-waveguide schemes.[Physics 16, 11] Published Mon Jan 23, 2023

A Laser-Based “Lightning Rod”

Author(s): Michael SchirberExperiments on a Swiss mountain demonstrate that a high-powered laser can influence the trajectory of lightning strikes—a step toward laser-based lightning protection.[Physics 16, 12] Published Mon Jan 23, 2023

Sound Waves Mimic Gravity

Author(s): Michael SchirberA recently discovered acoustic effect allows a hot gas to simulate the gravity-induced convection within a star or giant planet.[Physics 16, 10] Published Fri Jan 20, 2023

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