Physics - spotlighting exceptional research

Physics - spotlighting exceptional research

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News Feature: Designing a Green Accelerator

Author(s): Jessica ThomasPhysicists are developing an array of technologies to limit the enormous energy usage of high-energy particle accelerators.[Physics 13, 181] Published Fri Dec 04, 2020

Opinion: Tackling Academia’s Publication Inequities

Author(s): Marcela Linkova, Erin G. Teich, and Danielle S. BassettThree advocates against racism and sexism in science discuss the need for data that analyzes the impact of publication practices on different groups.[Physics 13, 191] Published Thu Dec 03, 2020

Synopsis: Magnetic Oscillations at a Metal Surface

Author(s): Michael SchirberPredicted 40 years ago, magnetic Friedel oscillations are finally observed in the layers beneath an iron surface.[Physics 13, s156] Published Thu Dec 03, 2020

Synopsis: Pulses of Light Accelerate in Free Space

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzA recipe for greatly accelerating a light pulse involves sculpting its spectrum in space and time.[Physics 13, s153] Published Thu Dec 03, 2020

Viewpoint: A Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Molecular Polaritons

Author(s): Prineha NarangPredicting interactions between molecules and photons is now possible with a new model that combines quantum electrodynamics and a widely used formalism from quantum chemistry.[Physics 13, 190] Published Wed Dec 02, 2020

Viewpoint: Topological Phases Beyond the Hofstadter Butterfly

Author(s): Vidar GudmundssonNew theoretical work explores the phases that may arise when topology intersects with the strong magnetic field effects presented by Hofstadter’s problem.[Physics 13, 187] Published Wed Dec 02, 2020

Research News: Lockdowns Cause Pollution Dips

Author(s): Katherine WrightData indicates that the 2020 spring lockdowns in Europe induced measurable drops in gaseous pollutants.[Physics 13, 188] Published Tue Dec 01, 2020

Synopsis: Shouting in a Political Echo Chamber

Author(s): Katherine WrightSocial media interactions with friends and political campaigns can lead to the emergence of polarized echo chambers of thought.[Physics 13, s150] Published Tue Dec 01, 2020

Research News: Singing, Yeast, and Diesel Fuel Capture Video Prize

The top video prize from the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics showcased research inspired by the pandemic, moving yeast, and the need for better fuel efficiency.[Physics 13, 189] Published Mon Nov 30, 2020

Focus: Cosmic-Ray Time Capsules

Author(s): Philip BallA proposed technique to study our Galaxy’s cosmic-ray history involves observing the damage created by neutrinos within deeply buried rocks.[Physics 13, 186] Published Mon Nov 30, 2020

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