Physics - spotlighting exceptional research

Physics - spotlighting exceptional research

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Focus: Optics Bench on a Graphene Flake

Author(s): Mark BuchananA nanoscale, graphene-based device takes advantage of the wave nature of electrons and provides a level of control that will be useful for quantum computers.[Physics 14, 56] Published Fri Apr 09, 2021

Synopsis: Qubits Could Act as Sensitive Dark Matter Detectors

Author(s): Erika K. CarlsonA detector made from superconducting qubits could allow researchers to search for dark matter particles 1000 times faster than other techniques can.[Physics 14, s45] Published Thu Apr 08, 2021

Special Feature: The Muon <i>g</i>–2 Anomaly Explained

Author(s): Jorge ChamJorge Cham, aka, PHD Comics, illustrates the excitement over the muon anomaly results in a set of cartoons he made for Physics.[Physics 14, 47] Published Wed Apr 07, 2021

Research News: Measuring the Magnet that Measures the Muon

Author(s): Michael SchirberTo precisely measure the magnetic moment of the muon, physicists first needed to precisely measure the field produced by the 680-ton magnet that guides the muons.[Physics 14, 53] Published Wed Apr 07, 2021

Viewpoint: Muon’s Escalating Challenge to the Standard Model

Author(s): Priscilla CushmanMeasurements of the muon magnetic moment strengthen a previously reported tension with theoretical predictions, ushering in a new era of precision tests of the standard model.[Physics 14, 54] Published Wed Apr 07, 2021

Synopsis: A New View of the Universe’s Dark Side

Author(s): Sophia ChenThe Dark Energy Survey Collaboration has updated a model of the Universe to correctly capture more galaxy measurements.[Physics 14, s44] Published Tue Apr 06, 2021

Viewpoint: Signs of PeVatrons in Gamma-Ray Haze

Author(s): Petra HuentemeyerA diffuse glow of high-energy gamma rays hints at the presence of powerful cosmic accelerators, called PeVatrons, within the disk of our Galaxy.[Physics 14, 41] Published Mon Apr 05, 2021

Synopsis: Using Fluctuations to Measure Beam Properties

Author(s): Erika K. CarlsonA new way of measuring a vital property of electron beams helps prepare researchers for next-generation synchrotron light sources.[Physics 14, s41] Published Thu Apr 01, 2021

Arts & Culture: Women Scientists Are the Rule Rather Than the Exception

Author(s): Katherine WrightA new book shines a spotlight on the historical participation of women in science, showing that women scientists are not anomalies, even if textbooks paint them that way.[Physics 14, 49] Published Wed Mar 31, 2021

Synopsis: Designer Disorder in a Crystalline Conflict Zone

Author(s): Marric StephensInducing correlated disorder into a crystalline material could offer a way to tune the material’s phonon properties and thermal conductivity.[Physics 14, s40] Published Tue Mar 30, 2021

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