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Physics - spotlighting exceptional research

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Feature: Physicists Must Engage with AI Ethics, Now

Author(s): Savannah ThaisPhysicists are increasingly utilizing AI and even driving its development, but we cannot divorce ourselves from the ethical implications and impacts of this technology.[Physics 13, 107] Published Thu Jul 09, 2020

Synopsis: Gamma Rays Provide New Quantum Gravity Constraint

Author(s): Marric StephensAn analysis of the speed of the most energetic photons ever observed from a gamma-ray burst sets new constraints on certain theories of quantum gravity.[Physics 13, s92] Published Thu Jul 09, 2020

Viewpoint: Speed Limit for Cell Growth

Author(s): Stefan KlumppThe composition of a cell’s protein-synthesis machinery is tuned to optimize the cell’s reproduction rate.[Physics 13, 108] Published Wed Jul 08, 2020

Synopsis: Follow the Crowd to Find a Smell

Author(s): Erika K. CarlsonSimulations show that by trusting their neighbors and following their own “noses,” a swarm of fictitious organisms inspired by moths can quickly find a smell’s source in turbulent air.[Physics 13, s91] Published Tue Jul 07, 2020

Focus: A Light Squeeze

Author(s): Philip BallExperiments detail how mechanical stress triggers marine microbes to light up.[Physics 13, 106] Published Mon Jul 06, 2020

Feature: Europeans Decide on Particle Strategy

Author(s): Michael SchirberThe CERN Council approved a strategy update that prioritizes a 100-km circular collider, while still developing other options for future particle physics projects.[Physics 13, 105] Published Thu Jul 02, 2020

Synopsis: Additional Data Confirms Particle Anomaly

Author(s): Katherine WrightThe LHCb Collaboration increases the statistical significance of a result relating to the decay rate of B0mesons that diverges from standard model predictions.[Physics 13, s88] Published Thu Jul 02, 2020

Synopsis: A Shared Quantum Rhythm

Author(s): Christopher CrockettUsing a light pulse, researchers sync up phases in quantum states of roughly a million rubidium atoms, thus demonstrating quantum synchronization for the first time.  [Physics 13, s87] Published Wed Jul 01, 2020

Feature: The Key Device Needed for a Quantum Internet

Author(s): Erika K. CarlsonAs researchers worldwide work toward a potential quantum internet, a major roadblock remains: How to build a device called a quantum repeater.[Physics 13, 104] Published Tue Jun 30, 2020

Synopsis: Building Novel Carbon Allotropes

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzCalculations indicate that a form of carbon synthesized from pentagonal hydrocarbon molecules could have unusual electrical and mechanical properties.[Physics 13, s84] Published Tue Jun 30, 2020

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