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Research News: Antiproton Mirrors Proton

Author(s): Michael SchirberAn antiproton experiment has shown to record precision that matter and antimatter particles have equal mass—confirming a basic tenet of the standard model of particle physics.[Physics 15, 8] Published Wed Jan 19, 2022

Synopsis: Record Lifetime for a Bubble

Author(s): Katherine WrightResearchers created a gas bubble that lived for 465 days, a world record for this type of object.[Physics 15, s7] Published Tue Jan 18, 2022

Viewpoint: Quasisymmetric Stellarators

Author(s): Linjin ZhengMagnetic-field configurations that improve confinement of fusion plasmas in stellarators can be achieved more precisely than previously thought, according to a numerical study.[Physics 15, 5] Published Tue Jan 18, 2022

Focus: Laser Propagating through Air Sets Stability Record

Author(s): Dan GaristoAn optical link for communication between distant atomic clocks is 100 times more stable than previous links and could enable new precision tests of general relativity.[Physics 15, 6] Published Fri Jan 14, 2022

Synopsis: Dark Energy Survey Hits a Triple

Author(s): Michael SchirberA large galaxy survey releases its three-year observations, providing key cosmological-parameter measurements that have double the precision of those previously released.[Physics 15, s4] Published Thu Jan 13, 2022

Synopsis: Multiverse Explanation for Small Higgs Mass

Author(s): Katherine WrightA new model that assumes that a multitude of universes existed when our Universe first formed may explain why the Higgs mass is smaller than traditional models predict.[Physics 15, s6] Published Wed Jan 12, 2022

Synopsis: Predicting the Shape of Pointy-Rock Forests

Author(s): Rachel BerkowitzThe shape and curvature evolution of dissolving rocks can be predicted using a new theory.[Physics 15, s2] Published Tue Jan 11, 2022

Synopsis: Electrically Controlling the Kondo Effect

Author(s): Marric StephensSpin-polarized electrons can suppress the experimental signature of the quantum many-body phenomenon known as the Kondo effect.[Physics 15, s3] Published Mon Jan 10, 2022

Video: Particles Make Their Own Movie

Author(s): David EhrensteinActive particles organize into mesmerizing patterns in response to a time-varying electric field.[Physics 15, 4] Published Fri Jan 07, 2022

Synopsis: A Transistor-Like Device for Light

Author(s): Sophia ChenA new metamaterial device can amplify and manipulate electromagnetic waves, a capability necessary for advancing photonics platforms.[Physics 15, s5] Published Thu Jan 06, 2022

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