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Belgium's new passport features comic faves

I believe this is the first video we've ever posted by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs! The small country's new passport honors its large pantheon of comic book heroes.

Study reveals that cat brains are smaller than they used to be

Domestication has caused cat brains to shrink. "Our data indicates that domestic cats indeed, have smaller cranial volumes (implying smaller brains) relative to both European wildcats (Felis silvestris) and the wild ancestors of domestic cats, the African wildcats (Felis lybica), verifying older results," state the authors of a new paper published...

San Jose, California becomes first U.S. city to require gun owner insurance

An ordinance requiring gun owners to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee passed the San Jose city council Tuesday night by a vote of 8-3. It will go into effect in August. The measure is the first of its kind in the country. — Read the rest

Lewdle: a lewd clone of Wordle

You know Wordle and may have even tried the far-easier four letter word knockoff Sweardle, but now you can get naughty with Lewdle! From Mashable: Lewdle was created by Gary Whitta, a screenwriter who's worked on Rogue One, the Walking Dead games and Star Wars Rebels. — Read the rest

Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene awkwardly sits as callers bash her on live TV show

CongressQnut Marjorie Taylor Greene branched way out this week, stepping away from the comfort of Steve Bannon's War Room to take part in a live call-in show by University of California's cable access channel, UCTV. And, as expected, it didn't go so well. — Read the rest

Here's an easy way to cheat in Wordle

If you would want to "beat" competitive friends and family members at Wordle but have no desire to play the game, use this bookmarklet designed by Review Geek to provide the answer on the first try. The writers at Review Geek like to win a game of Wordle without any tricks. — Read the rest

GOP bans TX election officials from sending out mail-in ballots, but it's OK for Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Claiming to protect election integrity, the GOP in Texas recently passed voter suppression laws that, among other things, ban election officials from sending out mail-in ballots. But what isn't good for election officials is certainly good enough for Republican members of Congress. — Read the rest

Check out this clever design for a toddler seat at a Japanese food court

フードコートのこの席考えた人天才では!?!?— 葉月@1y5m🎀 (@hadukichi816) December 26, 2021 This is a toddler seat at Terrace Mall Matsudo in the Chiba prefecture. As you can see, there's no danger of the kid tipping over in a high chair, and the kid's parents can face the kid, making it easy to provide the youngster with food-court victuals....

Art Spiegelman's graphic novel Maus now banned in Tennessee schools

Art Spiegelman's Maus: A Survivor's Tale, the Pulitzer prize-winning, historical graphic novel about Auschwitz during the Holocaust, has been banned in Tennessee schools. The school board in Mcminn county was offended by the "objectionable language," including "God damn," as well as a "naked picture" — a cartoon drawing of an undressed mouse. — Read...

Spotify chooses Joe Rogan over Neil Young

Earlier this week Neil Young wrote an open letter to Spotify instructing them to either kick Joe Rogan off the platform or stop streaming his songs. "I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them," wrote Young. — Read the rest

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