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Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87

Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead at 87, reports the court. Ginsburg was appointed in 1993 by President Bill Clinton and in recent years served as the most senior member of the court's liberal wing consistently delivering progressive votes on the most divisive social issues of the day, including abortion rights, same-sex marriage,… ...

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died of "complications of metastatic pancreas cancer," the Supreme Court announced Friday. She was 87. Ginsberg's dying message: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." "Our nation has lost a jurist of historic stature," Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.… Read More

It's like Black Friday in September with huge discounts on products from Apple, Sony, and more

If you're catching the feeling of good cheer and holiday merriment in the air, that's probably because we're smack in the middle of The Boing Boing Store's Three-Day VIP Annual Sale. One of the biggest discount shopping sprints of the year, you can save serious cash on huge collections of the best items we bring… Read More

'The World's Really F*cked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good'

Inspired by that shitshow that is 2020, Oakland-based singer/songwriter Rachel Lark (whose bio reads "confrontational comedy punk for weird people and weird times") has just dropped an existential crisis of a music video on us for her single, "The World's Really F*cked But This Show Will Be Pretty Good." Prepare to both smile and weep.… Read More

Stanislaw Lem's The Invincible being made into a videogame

Polish author Stanislaw Lem's 1964 sci-fi thriller, The Invincible, is being made into a videogame by Polish game company, Starward Industries. Sayeth PC Gamer: The Invincible is a 1964 hard sci-fi novel by Polish author Stanislaw Lem about the crew of a powerful deep-space vessel that lands on the planet Regis 3 and learns some… Read More

Nile Rodgers & Chic, with Rebecca Ferguson, performing "Good Times"

Another great backyard "Live at Home" moment from BBC Radio 2. It's disco funk-rockers Chic, joined by UK singer-songwriter, Rebecca Ferguson, doing Chic's iconic 1979 disco hit, "Good Times." Kind of heartbreaking to hear such a joyous booty-shaker at this particular point in time, but it's at least fun to dance to and dream of… Read More

PORM and other misspelled searches at PornHub

"Pron" was always a lie. The common misspelling of the term at hand is "porm," says PornHub, a site that would know. The infographic is a couple of years old, but I doubt literacy has improved in the meantime. "On a side note… the newly minted term "covfefe" has already been searched over 9,000 times… Read More

Vintage Polaroid camera modded with a thermal printer and Raspberry Pi

College engineering student Sam Zeloof, known for converting his parents' garage into a semiconductor fab while in high school, transformed a vintage Polaroid camera into a digital camera with a thermal printer scavenged from a receipt machine. Press the button and the camera spits out a photo print from what was formerly the film cartridge… Read...

NASA's beautiful new pastel image of Jupiter

NASA released this astonishingly beautiful image of Jupiter captured by the Hubble Space Telescope on August 25. From NASA: Hubble's near-infrared imaging, combined with ultraviolet views, provides a unique panchromatic look that offers insights into the altitude and distribution of the planet's haze and particles. This complements Hubble's visible-light...

Town of Asbestos having difficulty landing on a new name

The town of Asbestos in Quebec, Canada has long been dreaming of a new identity. Its current name was appropriate as the town was home to what was once the world's largest asbestos mine. But ever since asbestos was deemed a deadly carcinogen, the name has bummed out many of its citizens. Four new town… Read More

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