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Alex Jones dumps Trump and guides his MAGA sheep: "I support DeSantis"

While Russian operatives discuss trading in Agent Trump for their "Number Two" Ron DeSantis, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has also climbed aboard the dump-Trump train. "I am supporting DeSantis," the cruel Infowars host told [as in coached] his MAGA listeners. "DeSantis has just gone from awesome to being unbelievable good. — Read the rest

"F**k off, you f**kwads": Mayor's official response to anti-vax QAnoners trying to arrest police

A couple dozen QAnoners gathered outside the Peterborough, Ontario police station over the weekend to protest Canada's COVID-19 vaccination efforts. According to Toronto City News, some of the QNuts reportedly attempted to enter the police station and threatened to make citizens' arrests of the officers for participating in the vaccine roll-out. — Read...

Watch this cute bear family attempt to climb into a hammock

Justin Matthews captured this delightful scene in Avon, Connecticut of a bear family attempting to figure out a hammock. It's like a scene from a vintage Disney True-Life Adventure nature documentary. A different bear enjoying a hammock. image: Susan Kehoe/Shutterstock

Apple AirTag helps Sheriffs arrest airport luggage thief

The inconvenience of lost/stolen luggage is one of the biggest reasons why I prefer to go carry-on only; however if the plane is small enough, even that won't save one from having to check in luggage. Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrested Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport subcontractor Giovanni De Luca, after a passenger reported her lost/stolen...

Trump continues to separate fools from their money

Reputed billionaire and Russian plutocrat Donald J. Trump claims to have raised several million dollars by fleecing his followers with emails crying how his criminal activities got his cheezy golf club apartment raided. He raised over USD 1 million daily on at least two days last week. — Read the rest

Rick Astley recreates"Never Gonna Give You Up" video for AAA auto insurance commercial

Rick Astley released his mega-viral "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video in 1987. Thirty-five years later, Astley recreated the video for AAA auto insurance. Too bad it's just one minute long! Watch side-by-side snippets of both videos here:

Photo stream of urban design that's deliberately hostile to unhoused people

As the number of unhoused people increases in big urban centers, so does the use of hostile design meant to prevent people from getting too comfortable in public places. The classic example are benches with steel armrests in the middle so tired people can't lie down. — Read the rest

Lying GOP congresswoman from Florida tells constituents that inflation is 40%

Republican Rep. María Elvira Salazar of Florida is a savvy congresswoman. She knows her constituents require a steady stream of lies to stay happy, so yesterday she gave them a whopper of a fib, claiming U.S. inflation is 40%. That's 31.5% more than the actual rate of inflation. — Read the rest

A school board continues to ban Pride flags by calling them "political"

The Kettle Moraine School Board in Wales, Wisconsin, continues to block the display of the rainbow flag on grounds that it is "political." Locals are aghast, the ACLA seems interested, but where are all the MAGAs screaming about the free speeches? — Read the rest

Feed your brain and donate to charity with these highly rated apps at wallet-friendly prices

Whether you work long hours every day or have more free time than usual, taking time to focus on yourself is imperative to your everyday happiness. Even if it's just managing your time more efficiently, taking steps to ease daily tasks can make a world of difference in your life. — Read the rest

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