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Dan Harmon talks about "Community," "Rick and Morty," and working with Kanye West

In this Ari Melber interview on MSNBC, Community show runner and Rick and Morty co-creator, Dan Harmon talks about his shows, his creative process, working with Kanye, and more.

Discovering William Shatner's first spoken word album in a bakery

I knew that William Shatner had released music; his 2007 album "Has Been" is legitimately great. But I didn't know how far back that went (nor how weird it really got). Then, the other day, I went to check out a new local pastry shop, where I heard something strange over the speakers, with the very-sci-fi vinyl album art prominently on display...

Recommended: "My Favourite Elliott Smith Song" podcast

I'm so glad to have found the My Favourite Elliott Smith Song podcast. In each episode, a famous fan of Elliott Smith talks about their favorite song by Smith. Elliott Smith's music means the world to me, and has deeply touched the souls of many other people, too. β€” Read the rest

Darwin award candidate flies homemade drone contraption

This is the sort of thing my friends and I would certainly have tried when we were like 8 to maybe 14 years old. Watching this gives me fear and joy, but mostly fear. Guess who didn't spend all of lockdown drinking beer πŸΊπŸ˜† β€” Read the rest

Let's Not Meet is a true horror podcast

Let's Not Meet is a "true horror" podcast by Andrew Tate. Each episode features true stories written by people who have lived through an encounter (and sometimes a relationship) with a creep. The stores are narrated by Tate, who does a fantastic job at creating an atmosphere of suspense while reading them. β€” Read the rest

How to find a pet tardigrade and care for it

Long live the Tardigrade! Tardigrades, also called "water bears" or "moss piglets" are a "phylum of eight-legged segmented micro-animals (Wikipedia)." Tardigrades are almost microscopic (0.5 mm on average) and extremely resilient. They can survive extreme conditions all around the planet and can live in severe temperatures and pressures, air...

Clinton divorce drama and Hitler's kinky sex life in this week's dubious tabloids

An essential guide to inessential news. Where would the tabloids be without their anonymous sources, the "pals" and "friends" of the stars, the "insiders" and "associates" close to celebrities? They'd probably be a darn sight more accurate, because the stories routinely generated by unidentified tabloid sources consistently prove that the stars...

Check out this 1987 Ringling Bros. instructional video on how to be a clown

Check out this 1987 Ringling Bros. instructional video about how to be a clown. The 1-hour, 20-minute video includes some pretty great tricks of the trade such as how to juggle, how to apply clown makeup, how to make balloon animals, and more, all done in the specific Ringling Bros. β€” Read the rest

A lot of folks want Jeff Bezos to stay in space

Seems billionaires with enough cash to end global warming are having a harder and harder time just being themselves and enjoying some quality time with family. Jeff Bezos wanted to spend a mere 11 minutes in space with his brother Mark, and over 40k people have signed petitions demanding he stay there, in space. β€” Read the rest

Californians: get your digital COVID-19 vaccine record

California is offering a digital version of the paper COVID-19 vaccination card, to help combat counterfeits and to simply make it easier for folks to check before admitting you to that indoor hot yoga session. I filled in my info and had a new QR code and certificate within 2 hours. β€” Read the rest

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