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How to install BTRFS on a Debian Linux 12/11

Btrfs, which stands for "Butter FS" or "B-tree FS," is a modern Linux file system. It was developed to overcome the limitations of older file systems like ext4 or ext3. Btrfs is an excellent choice for efficient storage management on multiple Hard Disk Drivers. It supports Linux file systems with snapshots, subvolumes, and built-in RAID-like capabilities...

Wed Feb 14, 2024 08:18
How to install GPG (gnupg2) on a Debian Linux to fix gpg command not found error

GnuPG2 (or GPG2) is an open-source and free tool that implements the OpenPGP standard. Its primary purpose is to encrypt your sensitive information to protect it from unauthorized access. It also allows you to create digital signatures, guaranteeing that the data hasn't been tampered with while in transit. Many newly created Debian 11/12 cloud VMs...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 21:15
How to enable contrib repo on Debian Linux 10/11/12

Sometimes, when you try to install specific Debian Linux packages, you might encounter an error message that reads: Unable to locate package pkg-name-here In many cases, the required package might already be present in the remote download repos. It would be best to have an additional repository, such as contrib, which adds extra packages to the...

Sun Dec 24, 2023 11:24

{Updated} Are you getting, ' WARNING: UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!' when try to use the ssh command under Linux, macOS or BSD? Let us see how I fixed this problem and log in using the ssh command. The post SSH WARNING: UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE! Error and Solution appeared first on nixCraft.

Fri Nov 17, 2023 12:33
How to open DHCP port using UFW in Linux

The Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) needs to be configured to allow traffic on UDP ports 67 and 68, regardless of whether the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server is local or remote. Additionally, it may be necessary to open both TCP and UDP port 53, which are used for Domain Name Service (DNS). In small business and home environments, typically,...

Wed Oct 25, 2023 14:00
How to merge all PDF files into one PDF in Linux

I recently had to submit multiple PDF files for government work, but the web form only allowed for the uploading of a single file. This meant that I had to merge the PDF files into one on Linux. To do this, I used a command-line tool called pdfunite, which is a Portable Document Format (PDF) page merger. Let us see how to install and use the pdfunite...

Wed Oct 25, 2023 14:00

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