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Smoke from the U.S. West Coast travels east and overseas

Smoke from the wildfires made its way to the other side of the country and over the ocean. Using data from NOAA, Reuters animated the smoke clouds over time: With climate change expected to exacerbate fires in the future, by worsening droughts and warming surface ocean temperatures, wildfire research is becoming especially important. Over the last...

Election night might take weeks

For The Washington Post, Ashlyn Still and Kevin Schaul charted how long it took for primary ballots to be counted in each state. The times might give a hint of what we’re in for on election night: Before the pandemic struck, mail-in states like California were already counting slowly. Then the coronavirus forced dozens of states to quickly expand absentee...

✚ The Process 107 – Misleading or Not? A Map of US Fires

Welcome to another edition of Misleading or Not, where we decide if a map is misleading or not. Read More

Arquero, a JavaScript library to query and transform datasets

An often painful yet necessary step in visualization is to get your data in the right format. Arquero, from the University of Washington Interactive Data Lab, aims to make this part of the process easier: Arquero is a JavaScript library for query processing and transformation of array-backed data tables. Following the relational algebra and inspired...

Friends sitcom transcript dataset

For your analytical perusal, Emil Hvitfeldt provides ten seasons’ worth of scripts from the Friends sitcom in an easy-to-use R package: The goal of friends to provide the complete script transcription of the Friends sitcom. The data originates from the Character Mining repository which includes references to scientific explorations using this data....

Elevation data molded in the base of a pint glass

North Drinkware molded Half Dome in the bottom of a hand-blown pint glass using elevation data from the United States Geological Survey. Wow. [via @blprnt] Tags: elevation, glass, Half Dome, North Drinkware

Mapping tree loss in rain forests over time

Bloomberg mapped tree loss between 2000 and 2019 in Brazil: “What we have seen in Brazil is that rainforest protection is a highly political issue,” says Gerlein-Safdi of the University of Michigan. “With every change in government, laws can change very quickly, both for better or for worse.” In some areas, the damage has been done. Efforts to build...

Tracking the mail

With mail-in ballots looking to be more common than ever this year, NYT’s The Upshot is tracking the mail: The data here, covering more than 28 million pieces of first-class letters tracked by SnailWorks, shows how on-time delivery declined noticeably in July after the arrival of Louis DeJoy, the Trump-aligned postmaster general, and the start of policies...

Voting guide for your state

The Washington Post provides another straightforward voting guide, based on where you live and how you plan to vote. Election season is always interesting graphics-wise, because all of the news outlets are starting with the same data and information. But they all show the data a little differently, asking various questions or using different visual...

Disappearing animals as a matrix of dots

Reddit user WhiteCheeks used dot density to show population counts of various animals. Each dot represents an animal. So animals with lower counts show less obviously. This is similar to the use of pixelation to show endangered species, which I think works better since the size of the dots above don’t encode anything. Tags: animals, extinction

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