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Deaths by Firearm, Compared Against Injury-Related Deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention track cause of death over time, under several classifications and groupings. Among 1- to 19-year-olds, regulations decreased motor vehicle deaths, but deaths by firearms increased and became the leading mechanism in 2018. Read More

U.S. still the outlier for gun homicide rate

This chart from The New York Times, based on estimates from Our World In Data and World Bank, shows GDP per capita against gun homicide rates. The United States stands alone. Why. Tags: guns, homicide

Children exposed to school shootings

The Washington Post maintains a database of school shootings (which is sad in itself that such a thing has to exist) to keep record of tragedy that the U.S. government does not track. They calculated the number of kids since Columbine who were exposed to such terrible events: The Washington Post spent a year determining how many children have been...

Final texts

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer, for NYT Opinion, approached the one-million mark for Covid deaths with text messages. The piece starts on February 29, 2020, when the first person died because of Covid. The count to 1 million begins, and a recurring ticker reminds you of the increase over time. Thirteen text message threads between someone who died and a person...

Shrinking war mapped

The war in Ukraine continues, but the scale and objects appear to have changed over time. Josh Holder, Marco Hernandez, and Jon Huang for The New York Times mapped the shrinking scope as Russia loses more soldiers and resources. Tags: Russia, Ukraine, war

Generative sea creatures

Cindermedusae by Marcin Ignac is “a generative encyclopedia of imaginary sea creatures.” I’m into the aesthetic. Tags: animals, generative art, Marcin Ignac

Lives cut short by Covid

Alyssa Fowers and Leslie Shapiro, for The Washington Post, used the stories of 114 individuals to show weekly Covid deaths. Each story is “cut short”, making the length of each fragment match counts for the corresponding week. My brain was slightly confused by the metaphor at first. The lower the count, the more an individual’s story is cut short,...

✚ This Time With Purpose

Welcome to issue #189 of The Process, the newsletter for FlowingData members that looks closer at how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau, and this week I’m thinking about purpose — the purpose of a chart, the purpose of a data point, and the purpose of what we do. Without purpose, there isn’t a whole lot to grasp on. Become a member for access to...

Nuclear winter explained visually

Neil Halloran, known for his documentary films that lean strongly on data visualization, collaborated with RAND to explain the possibility (or lack) of a nuclear winter. In the last third of the film, Halloran also discusses the pursuit of absolute truth and whether it’s truly worth it in the end. Lots to think about. Tags: Neil Halloran, nuclear,...

R packages useful for sports analytics

If you’re into R and analyzing sports data, you’ll want to save this CRAN task view: This CRAN Task View contains a list of packages useful for sports analytics. Most of the packages are sport-specific and are grouped as such. However, we also include a General section for packages that provide ancillary functionality relevant to sports analytics (e.g.,...

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