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Generate a color analysis by uploading an image

Mel Dollison and Liza Daly made a fun interactive that lets you upload an image, and it spits out a vintage-looking color analysis a la Vanderpoel: This generator is based on the works of Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939), who hoped her original color analyses would inspire others to study “whatever originals may be at hand in books, shops, private...

Tracking airfare as a proxy for summer travel plans

Quoctrung Bui and Sarah Kliff for NYT’s The Upshot used difference charts to show how current airfare prices are approaching 2019 prices, based on data from travel app Hopper. This seems to indicate that people are getting ready to travel again. Because airfare is typically purchased weeks or months in advance, it can be a barometer of how the public...

✚ Chart Remix: U.S. States Ranked – The Process 135

Welcome to issue #135 of The Process, the newsletter for FlowingData members where we look at how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau, and this week I’m remixing a graphic, because sometimes I just want to open my illustration software and click and drag things until the data seems readable. Become a member for access to this — plus tutorials, courses,...

Stopping a pandemic before it starts

For Politico, Beatrice Jin provides an illustrated guide on stopping a pandemic before it starts. Some scientists suggest going to the source, which often is from interacting with animals, and as you’d expect, cutting off the livelihood of millions around the world would be a complex process. Tags: Beatrice Jin, illustration, pandemic, Politico

How your state might lose or gain representation with Census count

Harry Stevens, Tara Bahrampour and Ted Mellnik for The Washington Post look at how the upcoming Census count affects representation in the House. Montana and Rhode Island are projected to gain and lose a seat, respectively, which switches their positions in terms of seats per population. The explanation of how counts and representation work, with a...

Visualizing risk of Johnson & Johnson vaccine side effect

As the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pauses in the United States, Philip Bump for The Washington Post offers a quick visualization that shows 100 vaccinations per second. A red one appears if there’s a side effect. But because the side effect is rare, currently at 1 in 1.1 million, the red dot on the visualization likely never appears as you watch....

Send postcards of plots made in R

How many times have you made a plot in R and thought, “I wish I could send this as a postcard to my best friend.” Probably a million times, right? Wish no more. The ggirl package (that’s gg-in real life for short) by Jacqueline Nolis lets you send a plot over the internets to a postcard API, which sends a physical card to an address you specify. Tags:...

Domestic terrorism incidents plotted over time

The Washington Post (paywall) shows the recent rise in domestic terrorism incidents in the United States, based on data compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. In the initial view, each circle in the unit chart represents an incident, where yellow represents far-right violence, and dark gray represents far-left. As you scroll,...

Guide for React with D3.js

Amelia Wattenberger wrote a guide on how you can use the JavaScript library React with D3.js. I know next to nothing about the former, but probably should, so this was useful. Tags: Amelia Wattenberger, D3, JavaScript, React

Code (data) as therapy

For Wired, Craig Mod writes about how he uses code as a way to find order during less coherent times: Break the problem into pieces. Put them into a to-do app (I use and love Things). This is how a creative universe is made. Each day, I’d brush aside the general collapse of society that seemed to be happening outside of the frame of my life, and dive...

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