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Parenting and Work Schedule During the Pandemic

Working from home was an ideal that many strived for. For many, it still is, but for those with kids who have to learn from home, the schedule change is less than ideal. Read More

Comparing the coronavirus to past deadly events

One way to estimate the impact of the coronavirus is to compare it against expected mortality. People are still dying of other causes. The virus has increased the total counts around the world. The New York Times compared these increases against other deadly events: Only the worst disasters completely upend normal patterns of death, overshadowing,...

Increase in cases since states reopened

Using the now all too familiar baseline chart, where all of the time series line up relative to to starting point, The New York Times shows how case rates have fared since states reopened. Up, up, and away. Tags: coronavirus, New York Times

Race and the virus

The New York Times obtained data on race and those affected by the coronavirus. Not everyone has been affected equally: Early numbers had shown that Black and Latino people were being harmed by the virus at higher rates. But the new federal data — made available after The New York Times sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — reveals...

✚ Use Established Chart Types, Because They’re More Straightforward (The Process 097)

Unique charts and visual encodings are worth exploring, but what about traditional charts? Also, a members' preview of a new chart catalogue. Read More

Hidden trackers on your phone

Sara Morrison for Recode: Then there’s Cuebiq, which collected location data through its SDK and shared that information with the New York Times for multiple articles about how social distancing changed as stay-at-home orders were lifted and states reopened. This was just a few months after the newspaper gave Cuebiq’s location collection practices...

Everlasting pie chart

Manuel Lima goes into the history of the pie chart, or rather, circle representations in general. Despite many people poo-pooing the chart type over the decades, it keeps hanging around: We might think of the pie chart as a fairly recent invention, with arguably more flaws than benefits, in regards to the statistical portrayal of data. However, if...

Map of Foreign Students

There are over 1 million international higher-education students enrolled in the United States. This map shows where they reside. Read More

Data on loans issued through the Paycheck Protection Program

The Paycheck Protection Program was established to provide aid to small businesses. It’s a $669-billion loan program. The data for 4.8 million loans, amounting to $521 billion so far, is now available from the Small Business Administration. For loans less than $150,000, you can download data for all states individually. Data for loans that were more...

Cases vs. testing

There have been assertions that increased case counts are all from increased testing. As you might expect, it’s not so clear cut. Andrew Witherspoon and Caitlin Owens for Axios show the changes in testing against changes in cases. So in the wideout view of every state, the more-testing-more-cases assertion isn’t so straightforward. ProPublica provided...

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