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Reality Pro users could build their own apps, no coding necessary

Apple's rumored Reality Pro headset is said to have a way for people to build their own apps even if they don't know how to code.

Best docks for the 2023 Mac mini

The Mac mini is here, and you'll want a dock to get some more ports on the front.

How is Apple avoiding tech's mass layoffs? New report explores Apple's tactics

With over 60,000 tech industry layoffs in 2023 alone, Apple's hiring strategy appears to offer employee security more than most.

Best iPhone and iPad VPN for 2023

Looking to add some protection for browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad? Here are all the best VPN services to use right now!

What's left for Mac in 2023? Apple's possible plans explored

Apple could have big plans for its Mac lineup for the rest of 2023. Here are the possibilities.

Best Mac VPN in 2023

The best Mac VPN you can sign up for right now won't surprise you, but there are a few other choices that might. Here are all the best options you can check out today.

You can save up to $200 off 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 at Best Buy

The MacBook Pro 13-inch with M2 Is one of the best Macs of last year, and now there's a nice $200 off one at BestBuy - and more deals in the Apple Best Buy store.

iPhone 15's major Wi-Fi upgrade might not be made by Apple after all

Apple has stopped developing its WiFi-only chip, according to leakers, but the development of a combination chip continues.

This Apple iPhone 15 Ultra "leak" sounds too good to be true, because it is...

A series of leaks about iOS 17, the iPhone 15, and even Apple VR have taken the internet by storm, all because of one questionable leaker.

Holiday iPhone shipments decimated as people stop buying — but it could have been worse

Apple saw quarterly iPhone shipments fall by almost 15%, but other companies experienced even worse results.

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