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Personas de bajos ingresos no pueden recibir terapias efectivas contra la diabetes por el alto costo

Durante el último año y medio, Tandra Cooper Harris y su esposo, Marcus, ambos viven con diabetes, han luchado para volver a llenar sus recetas de los medicamentos que necesitan para controlar su azúcar en sangre. Sin Ozempic o un medicamento similar, Cooper Harris sufre desmayos, se cansa demasiado para cuidar...

Tue May 21, 2024 20:06
Exclusive: Senator Urges Biden Administration To Thwart Fraudulent Obamacare Enrollments

Stronger actions are needed immediately to thwart insurance brokers who fraudulently enroll or switch people in Affordable Care Act coverage, Sen. Ron Wyden, chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, said Monday. “We want the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to hold these brokers criminally responsible...

Tue May 21, 2024 20:06
Médicos que atendieron a manifestantes en la protesta estudiantil en la UCLA dicen que la policía dejó huesos rotos y hemorragias

En el campamento que habían montado los estudiantes dentro del campus de la Universidad de California en Los Ángeles (UCLA), de repente la ginecóloga y obstetra residente Elaine Chan se sintió como una médica en un campo de batalla. La policía avanzó hacia el campamento luego de horas de enfrentamiento y tensión....

Tue May 21, 2024 20:06
Watch: Medical Residents Are Increasingly Avoiding Abortion Ban States

On KFF Health News’ “What the Health?,” chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner sat down with Atul Grover of the Association of American Medical Colleges to talk about its recent analysis showing that graduating medical students are avoiding training in states with abortion bans and major restrictions. Among those who applied for residencies this...

Tue May 21, 2024 12:33
High Price of Popular Diabetes Drugs Deprives Low-Income People of Effective Treatment

For the past year and a half, Tandra Cooper Harris and her husband, Marcus, who both have diabetes, have struggled to fill their prescriptions for the medications they need to control their blood sugar. Without Ozempic or a similar drug, Cooper Harris suffers blackouts, becomes too tired to watch her grandchildren, and struggles...

Tue May 21, 2024 12:33
Biden Leans Into Health Care, Asking Voters To Trust Him Over Trump

Angling to tap into strong support for the sweeping health law he helped pass 14 years ago, one of President Joe Biden’s latest reelection strategies is to remind voters that former President Donald Trump tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “Folks, he’s coming for your health care, and we’re not going to let it happen,”...

Tue May 21, 2024 12:33

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