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How to Use Notion with Gmail and Google Sheets using Apps Script

Notion, my absolute favorite tool for storing all sorts of things from web pages to code snippets to recipes, just got better. They’ve released a public API and that essentially means it will be a lot easier for developer to talk to their Notion workspace from external apps.For instance, you can write create a document in Google Docs and export it to...

Create React App with Multiple Entry Points

The Create React App frameworks lets you easily build single page applications but it doesn’t support multiple entry points. To give you an example, if a website outputs separate home pages for mobile and desktop clients, the pages could be sharing some common React components between them, and it may thus not be practical to build two completely separate...

Google Sheets - Find Values in One Column that are Missing in Another Column

A small business maintains their staff roster in a simple Google Sheet - the column A of the sheet contains a list of all employee names and column B contains a list of employees who have been assigned to a project. The immediate task is to identify staff members who are part of the organization but have not been assigned...

How to Email Spreadsheets Automatically on a Recurring Schedule

The Email Spreadsheets add-on for Google Sheets will help you automate the reporting of spreadsheet data and dashboards by email. If you are an office worker who has been emailing spreadsheets to colleagues manually, this add-on will save you a ton of time. And because it runs on the Google Cloud, your spreadsheet reports will be delivered even while...

Get Email Alerts When COVID-19 Vaccines Become Available Near You

India is currently in the midst of a second wave of the Coronavirus and this one is far more devastating than what we have seen last year. The country is reporting close to 400,000+ new cases every day but the actual count of daily infections could be much higher.The COVID-19 vaccination program in India was earlier available to people above 45 years...

Google Maps Formulas for Google Sheets

You can bring the power of Google Maps to your Google Sheets using simple formulas with no coding. You don’t need to sign-up for the Google Maps API and all results from Google Maps are cached in the sheet so you are unlikely to hit any quota limits.To give you a quick example, if you have the starting address in column A and the destination address...

Find Google Sheets Linked to your Google Forms

How to Add Options in Google Forms Questions from Google Sheets

How to Print the Function Call Flow with Stack Trace in JavaScript

How to Perform IP Address Lookup with Google Sheets

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