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Best cheap laptop deals this weekend: Apple, Lenovo, Asus, and more

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Everything coming to Hulu in October 2020

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Trump will ban TikTok and WeChat from app stores on Sunday

If you're in the U.S. and yet to download the TikTok app, now might be the time to do it. Donald Trump is planning to freeze downloads of the TikTok and WeChat apps by banning them from Apple and Google app stores starting Sunday, according to a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday. TikTok has been in the news a lot over...

India's 'Bandish Bandits' is the cozy fall binge you need

In the six weeks since it released on Amazon Prime, you’ve either heard about nothing but Bandish Bandits or haven’t heard of it at all. I fall in the former camp, watching friends and family fall in love with the Hindi-language Indian drama series and its infectious soundtrack while I waited for “the right time” to binge all 10 episodes. That time...

We read 'Rage,' Bob Woodward's new Trump book, so you don't have to

Whisper it low: Could Rage, out in bookstores this week, be the first Bob Woodward book in an age that's actually worth reading?  My answer: Yes, but only 50 percent of the thing. Only after Woodward, at age 77, has an Alice in Wonderland epiphany halfway through, and that changes the way he interviews Trump. At long last, with unusual honesty, Woodward...

'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' for Switch: Barely enough but still a must

Nintendo and Super Mario go together like peanut butter and jelly. Yeah, you can have one without the other. But they still belong together. So it goes without saying that Switch owners should pick up Nintendo's new Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. It's three of the best Mario games in history – yeah, even Sunshine – together in one package that,...

Oops: iOS 14 bug resets default apps to Safari and Mail on reboot

In iOS 14, Apple finally gives you a decent variety of options for your default browser and email apps.  However, a software bug resets those apps back to Apple's Safari and Mail after every reboot.  After a restart, iOS 14 forgets your default browser choice, and the Safari setting doesn't have the option to change the browser anymore! The option...

'Ratched' on Netflix is the worst season of 'American Horror Story'

It’s not always a bad sign when the credits roll on a television show’s season finale and the only question on one’s mind is "what?” In the best case scenario, that “what” is preceded by a cliffhanger and delivered with a mind-blown level of surprise. In the worst case scenario, the “what” is short for “what did I just watch?” and conveys dissatisfaction...

You can tote this pocket-sized projector around in a purse

TL;DR: Play videos or music anywhere with the Lenso cube 1080P pocket projector for $247.99, a 69% savings from September 18 through September 20. If you want to invest in a fun new viewing experience as winter approaches, or if you've been meaning to get a projector, the Lenso Cube 1080P Pocket Projector is a great option. This projector is able...

Uneasy about your kid's iPhone obsession? These apps can help.

Forget whatever you put on your holiday or birthday list when you were little — Gen Z kids will start asking for an iPhone as soon as they've mastered their parents' touch screen. It doesn't matter what age your kid is: Whether it's their very first phone or their fifth, parents are going to worry about what's behind that scrolling and tapping. Parental...

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