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WandaVision Trailer Brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Disney+

Marvel has unleashed the first full-length trailer for its first long-awaited and mysterious Disney+ series, WanadaVision.

Melissa McCarthy and Warner Bros. Get Sued Over Life of the Party Story

Eva Kowalski alleges that Melissa McCarthy took her story for Life of the Party and repurposed it.

TikTok Ban Canceled as Trump Gives New Oracle & Walmart Deal His Blessing

Oracle and Walmart have stepped up to the plate to form TikTok Global, which will have a headquarters set up in the United States.

Tenet Continues to Struggle at U.S. Box Office While Crossing $250M Worldwide

Warner Bros. had some further success overseas with Tenet opening in select Asian markets over the weekend.

Eddie Murphy Wins First Emmy for Hosting SNL, Watch His Thank You Speech

This is the fifth Emmy nomination for Eddie Murphy and the first time he has been nominated since 1999.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Details Reveal Big Karate Kid 2 Connection & Miyagi-Do Origins

The secret history of Miyagi Do Karate will be revealed in Netflix's upcoming season 3 of Cobra Kai.

Tom Holland Thanks Fans for Watching The Devil All the Time on Netflix

Tom Holland calls The Devil All The Time a big step in his career.

New Star Trek Movie Reboot Is an Argument for Why All Humanity Should Unite

Noah Hawley's Star Trek movie will be about the need for humanity to come together.

Antebellum Star Gabourey Sidibe Says Oscars Nomination Did Her No Favors in Hollywood

Actress Gabourey Sidibe found winning an Oscar did not help her career as it should have.

New The Batman Art Arrives in Honor of Batman Day

Matt Reeves is currently back to work on The Batman after a few large setbacks, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to celebrate Batman Day.

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