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Porsche may step into F1 competition

Formula 1 racing fans are always on the lookout for more competition and better-performing cars. Something interesting has surfaced that claims iconic sports car manufacturer Porsche and its parent company Volkswagen Group are considering entering Formula 1 competition. Porsche and its parent company are reportedly considering entering F1 competition...

The University of Arizona is building mirrors for the Giant Magellan Telescope

Researchers at the University of Arizona are working on massive mirrors that will make it easier for telescopes to peer deep into space. The mirror being worked on by the University will be used in the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) that’s under construction in Chile. Despite being a terrestrial telescope, thanks in part to the new mirrors, the GMT...

SpaceX will build a new factory in Austin to design Starlink systems

SpaceX is pushing hard to get more Starlink satellites in orbit to expand its satellite Internet connectivity around the country. While the main part of that system is the satellites SpaceX puts into orbit, another critical component is the hardware that end-users place in their homes to receive access from the satellites. SpaceX has now announced that...

Disneyland in California may reopen soon after a very long year

In mid-March 2020, California’s Disneyland closed amid a then-new policy about mass gatherings intended to curb the spread of COVID-19. A very long year later, Disney has said that it will soon reopen Disneyland in California after the state revealed that it will allow certain venues to reopen starting on April 1. The announcement was made by Disneyland...

Massive Texas power outage teaches hard lessons about EVs

The last few weeks have been brutal down in Texas as a massive and extremely uncommon winter storm left many residents without electricity for days. Some larger Texas cities are pushing hard to move municipal fleets to electric vehicles, and the power outage came with a tough lesson about EVs and the strains they could add to the power grid. … Continue...

Minecraft Dungeons’ cabinet arcade game includes physical cards

Mojang’s dungeon crawler game Minecraft Dungeons will soon be available to play as an arcade game, the developer has announced. The company has teamed with Play Mechanix to create a standing cabinet-based version of the hit Minecraft game, which has already been distributed to certain places in North America for testing. When Mojang says that Minecraft...

Humble snaps gorgeous image of distant galaxy NGC 2336

Since Hubble first went into operation, it has taken some of the most breathtaking images of the cosmos humanity has ever seen. The image seen below is one of its latest incredible photos, and this one is of a galaxy called NGC 2336. NASA describes the galaxy as “quintessential,” saying that it’s big, beautiful, and blue. NGC 2336 is a … Continue reading

Evidence of tectonic activity discovered on an exoplanet for the first time

Astronomers have been intently studying an exoplanet called LHS 3844b for many years. Back in 2019, researchers announced that they believed the planet was covered by dark lava rock. Researchers studying the exoplanet have now made another exciting discovery with evidence for the first time of tectonic activity on another planet. The evidence suggesting...

Amazon tipped in talks with NFL over major exclusive games deal

The NFL and Amazon are in talks over a big potential deal that may bring far more exclusive football games to the Prime platform, according to new reports. Amazon may, at least according to unnamed sources, pay around $1 billion to score a full season of exclusive NFL games, though it reportedly wouldn’t impact local Thursday night broadcasts. The news...

Study finds an important reason to wear three-layer face masks

Over the past several weeks, questions and suggestions have been raised over the potential benefit that comes with wearing three face masks — or masks made with three layers of fabric instead of one or two. A new study out of California has found a good reason to upgrade your face masks to this design, noting that three layers of … Continue reading

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