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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 leaks, ready for 2021

A few images were shared this week that show a device called Galaxy Watch Active 4. If the rumored device ends up being made, revealed, and released by Samsung, it’ll likely be the first of the smartwatches released after the public announcement of Google and Samsung’s teaming up for smartwatch / wearables software. This device will likely look very...

All the dog food recalls in-effect for 2021 – so far

Today we’re taking a look at each of the dog and cat food recalls announced by the FDA in the USA in the year 2021. We’ve previously reported on most of these recalls in the past, soon after they were initially tipped by the FDA through the first months of this year. Today we’re making absolutely sure you are up-to-date … Continue reading

New Xbox Game Pass games: Here’s the next batch for June and July 2021

Even though Microsoft announced a bunch of day-one releases for Xbox Game Pass during E3 2021, we’ve got some new additions to look forward to in the more immediate future. Today, Microsoft detailed the next batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass. There are nine games in all joining Game Pass in some form, and while a number of … Continue reading

Twitter just prioritized iOS over Android again for Instagram

This week the folks at the development office at Twitter opened the gates to Instagram. If you’re using an iOS device, you can now share Tweets from your Twitter app directly to Instagram Stories. This should curb the use of screenshots of Tweets in Instagram stories, as the developers at Twitter suggest. They said “pls stop posting screenshots of Tweets...

iPhone 13 leak tips you’ll likely skip

There’s a leak this week that appears to confirm the size and shape of the next iPhone. The iPhone 13, or iPhone 12s, depending on what Apple decides to call the next device lineup, won’t likely be all that different from its predecessor. It’s expected that the iPhone family released in the year 2021 will include three models, one each … Continue reading

Space Jam: A New Legacy game and Xbox controllers made for super-fans

After more than 20 years, we’re getting a new Space Jam movie. Space Jam: A New Legacy – starring LeBron James instead of Michael Jordan – is set to debut next month in theaters and on HBO Max. To go along with the movie’s release, Microsoft is releasing Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, though this isn’t quite like … Continue reading

2021 Lexus GX 460 Review: A very particular set of skills

The word “stalwart” seems like it was made for the 2021 Lexus GX 460. In production since 2009, and only relatively lightly massaged since then, the big SUV’s resilience to replacement is a reminder that – for some applications – newer needn’t always mean better. If you occupy the center-spot of a niche Venn diagram combining proper off-roading, luxury,...

Mars Ingenuity Helicopter marks the successful completion of its eighth test flight

NASA JPL has shared a tweet with a selfie taken by the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. The picture was snapped during the helicopter’s eighth test flight on Monday of this week. While NASA isn’t sharing a wealth of details about the eighth test flight, what it has said is that the helicopter flew for 77.4 seconds over a distance of 160 … Continue reading

2022 Kia Soul receives a price increase and more tech goodies

The 2022 Kia Soul is the last remaining survivor of the boxy SUV gang previously led by the Nissan Cube, Scion xB, and Honda Element. And despite dwindling sales numbers, the Kia Soul remains an affordable and practical family car for empty nesters and small families. However, the 2022 Kia Soul is arriving with a mild price increase of up … Continue...

Amber-encased ant discovered with a new type of fungal parasite attached

One of the best ways that scientists can discover small fossilized insects and plants is encased within amber. Amber can save the specimen just as it was the day it stepped into the gooey medium. A new research study has been published focusing on an interesting discovery of a fossilized ant with a new genus and species of fungal parasite … Continue...

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