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Kano PC is a DIY, repairable 2-in-1 Windows laptop for kids

The world is undergoing a rather drastic change, for better or worse, and often for worse. Beyond just the economy and society, education is being forced to examine its processes and systems, focusing on the essentials that could be done at home and with computers. That, in turn, has also forced many schools and families to invest in computers even...

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano leaked to be its lightest yet

Even before Lenovo took over from IBM, the ThinkPad brand has had a well-earned reputation for its robust, no-nonsense, and almost rugged qualities squarely targeted at hardcore computer users, especially those who need such devices for work. Save for one or two tablet models that mixed with Lenovo’s Yoga brand, ThinkPad notebooks have never been considered...

Xiaomi 100W fast charging might actually be ready next month

It was actually the first to boast of a charging technology that actually reached 100 watts without frying a smartphone to a crisp. So when its rivals OPPO and Vivo’s iQOO started teasing or hinting at 125W and 120W charging, respectively, it was really only a matter of time before we heard anything from Xiaomi. It’s still unofficial, of course, … Continue...

Chrome 84 silences intrusive notifications, makes web apps better

Google has just pushed version 84 of Chrome to the public and while its changelog might be a bit unexciting, it’s actually a larger release than it seems. For one, it has the potential to break some sites, at least the ones that misbehave and do things behind your back. But it also has the potential to make the web … Continue reading

OnePlus Buds promised to have 30-hour battery life with a catch

Thanks to ditching the headphone jack, Apple has made truly wireless stereo earbuds like the AirPods more popular and in-demand. They’re definitely handy to have in your ear and if the design is just right, you might even forget you’re wearing them at times. For all their convenience and features, their tiny bodies can only hold so much battery to …...

OnePlus Nord design revealed by Carl Pei himself

Unlike most smartphone makers, OnePlus has more or less stopped desperately trying to stop leaks from happening. Instead, it has actually embraced that Internet culture and makes its own teasing, trading secrecy for hype. It has so far worked in its favor and it may have gotten even bolder. So bold that, just a week before its official debut, company...

Fortnite bug lets players open weapon vaults without key cards

One of the most coveted destinations in Fortnite Chapter 2 are the vaults, which are locked rooms full of loot crates and high-tier weapons. There are only a few of these vaults and they can only be opened with a key card being held by a boss NPC that must first be eliminated. The time it takes to get into … Continue reading

Spotify’s new podcast charts make it easy to find popular audio shows

Spotify has introduced new podcast charts on its platform, making the service a bit more useful for podcast fans. Finding new shows to watch has been notably tricky when it comes to podcasts, something that often depends on recommendations. Though some algorithms are now available to offer suggestions, taking a look at what everyone else is listening...

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is a 720hp uncompromising halo coupe

There’s a new AMG Black Series beast in town, and the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is taking no prisoners. Flagship of the AMG GT family, something hardly short on horsepower as it stands, this new coupe combines 720 horsepower, a 202 mph top speed, and some seriously striking aero tech to make the automaker’s most raucous model. The 4.0-liter...

Burger King reveals Reduced Methane Whopper from cows on special diet

Fast-food company Burger King is back with another environmentally-friendly Whopper — and unlike the Impossible Whopper, this new burger features real beef, not a plant-based product. What makes it unique? The beef is sourced from cows that were fed a unique diet intended to reduce methane emissions, one of the multiple concerns associated with raising...

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