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Kobo Software Updates Have Really Slowed Down Lately

It’s been six months since Kobo last released a software update for their line of dedicated ereaders. They used to release updates a lot more frequently than that, so what has changed? It was the same story last year. After 6 months of nothing for the first half of the year, they finally released a […] The post Kobo Software Updates Have Really Slowed...

Wed Feb 21, 2024 18:31
Looks Like There’s a Market for Smaller eReaders After All

For years I’ve been saying ereader companies like Amazon and Kobo should release smaller ebook readers that you can easily fit into a pocket to take with you everywhere, but instead it seems like most dedicated reading devices keep getting larger and heavier with each new generation. Onyx is one company that’s willing to try […] The post Looks Like...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 22:59
Kindle Oasis Has Been Removed From Kindle Lineup

Over the past few months there have been some signs that Amazon was in the process of phasing out the Kindle Oasis, and it looks like that time has officially come. The Kindle Oasis has been removed from the main Kindle landing page at Amazon, and it no longer appears in Amazon’s Kindle comparison tables […] The post Kindle Oasis Has Been Removed...

Sun Feb 18, 2024 20:02
What are the Most Durable Brands of eReaders?

When it comes to dedicated reading devices and eNote devices with E Ink screens, overall durability is a key factor to consider before buying one, but which brands are considered the most durable? The problem with these kinds of things is no one is out there buying every new device that comes out and testing […] The post What are the Most Durable...

Sat Feb 17, 2024 20:41
Don’t Waste Money on Kindles with Too Much Storage Space

People often ask which storage option to choose when buying a new Kindle, and I always say to choose the lowest option if you only plan to read ebooks because 8GB is more than enough for that, but there are other cases where getting more storage space makes sense. Amazon is the only company that […] The post Don’t Waste Money on Kindles with Too Much...

Fri Feb 16, 2024 00:50
The eReader With the Best Screen in 2024

When it comes to buying a new ereader, some people want one with a lot of storage space, or they want one with page buttons, or waterproofing, or a warm frontlight, or some other feature, and some people prioritize the screen over everything else. I often see people asking which ereader has the best screen, […] The post The eReader With the Best Screen...

Wed Feb 14, 2024 16:21

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