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New Hisense Q5 Tablet with Eye-Friendly RLCD Display Now Available (Video)

Hisense recently released a new tablet called the Hisense Q5 with a different type of display technology that is meant to be easier on the eyes. Instead of a typical backlit LCD display, the Hisense Q5 has a reflective LCD display called RLCD. It has no lighting or color so it’s somewhat similar to E […]

Best Kindle Alternatives in 2020

Just because Kindles are the most popular dedicated reading devices doesn’t mean they are the best. It’s hard to argue with their overall set of features and the convenience of Amazon’s reading ecosystem, but there are alternatives to Kindles that are great for reading ebooks and other forms of digital content as well. Some people […]

New Kindle Software Update 5.13.1 Released

Amazon tends to release Kindle software updates every two or three months, and it’s that time once again. A new round of software updates are now being pushed to all Kindles dating back to the Kindle Voyage from 2014, except it appears that Amazon is no longer updating the Kindle Paperwhite 3, which has not […]

10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals – July 4th

Here’s a list of 10 free highly-rated Kindle ebooks and Kindle-related deals for the holiday weekend. Amazon still has the Kids Kindle bundle, which can also be used as a regular Kindle for adults, on sale for $79 and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions are still available at up to 40% off. Please note the free Kindle […]

Kobo Clara HD on Sale Again – Nice Kindle Alternative

The 6-inch Kobo Clara HD is sale for under $100 again but it’s not on sale from Kobo. Walmart recently got some more Kobo ebook readers in stock, and now they’ve got the Kobo Clara HD marked down to $99.96 with free 2-day shipping. It’s not being advertised as a sale but the regular price […]

New Kobo Nia eReader Getting Released, But It’s Not Really New

Kobo is releasing a new 6-inch ebook reader for 2020 called the Kobo Nia. Whenever Kobo releases a new model it shows up early on one of their retailer’s websites, and the Nia is no exception. It appeared on Staples’ website a couple weeks ago and now Best Buy Canada has the Kobo Nia listed […]

Best eBook Readers for Dark Mode – White Text, Black Background

Ever since Amazon started rolling out the Dark Mode toggle to select Kindles last month, there’s been a surprising amount of interest in the feature, even though it’s something that’s been buried in the accessibility settings menu for a couple years now. Dark Mode—white text with a black background—is a feature that has been available […]

Kindle Kids Edition Bundle on Sale for $79

It’s time for another Kindle sale! This time around Amazon has the kids version of the entry-level Kindle on sale. It’s been a while since this particular model has been on sale. The Kindle Kids Edition is marked down to $79.99. That’s $30 off the regular price of $109.99. As mentioned in the past, the […]

Four Things I Hate About Kindles

Kindles are the most popular dedicated reading devices by far. In fact a lot of people think all ebook readers are Kindles even when it’s a Kobo or a Nook. As much as I like Kindles, they are far from perfect. Amazon is much slower to innovate that other brands, and they have a tendency […]

How to Use Cloud Services to Add eBooks to Kobo eReaders

The Kobo Forma is the only Kobo ebook reader with official support for Dropbox, but it turns out there is unofficial support for Dropbox and additional cloud services for other Kobo ereaders too, not just the Forma. I came across a post at MobileRead where someone put together a set of scripts that allows Kobo […]

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