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Announcing Interop 2024

The Interop Project has become one of the key ways that browser vendors come together to improve the web platform. By working to identify and improve key areas where differences between browser engines are impacting users and web developers, Interop is a critical tool in ensuring the long-term health of the open web. The web platform is built on interoperability...

Thu Feb 1, 2024 19:38
Option Soup: the subtle pitfalls of combining compiler flags

Firefox development uncovers many cross-platform differences and unique features of its combination of dependencies. Engineers working on Firefox regularly overcome these challenges and while we can’t detail all of them, we think you’ll enjoy hearing about some so here’s a sample of a recent technical investigation. During the Firefox 120 beta cycle,...

Mon Jan 29, 2024 20:42
Puppeteer Support for the Cross-Browser WebDriver BiDi Standard

We are pleased to share that Puppeteer now supports the next-generation, cross-browser WebDriver BiDi standard. This new protocol makes it easy for web developers to write automated tests that work across multiple browser engines. How Do I Use Puppeteer With Firefox? The WebDriver BiDi protocol is supported starting with Puppeteer v21.6.0. When calling...

Tue Dec 12, 2023 18:25
Firefox Developer Edition and Beta: Try out Mozilla’s .deb package!

A month ago, we introduced our Nightly package for Debian-based Linux distributions. Today, we are proud to announce we made our .deb package available for Developer Edition and Beta! We’ve set up a new APT repository for you to install Firefox as a .deb package. These packages are compatible with the same Debian and Ubuntu versions as our traditional...

Thu Nov 30, 2023 22:07
Introducing llamafile

A special thanks to Justine Tunney of the Mozilla Internet Ecosystem (MIECO), who co-authored this blog post. Today we’re announcing the first release of llamafile and inviting the open source community to participate in this new project. llamafile lets you turn large language model (LLM) weights into executables. Say you have a set of LLM weights...

Wed Nov 29, 2023 21:28
Mozilla AI Guide Launch with Summarization Code Example

The Mozilla AI Guide has launched and we welcome you to read through and get acquainted with it. You can access it here Our vision is for the AI Guide to be the starting point for every new developer to the space and a place to revisit for clarity and inspiration, ensuring that AI innovations enrich everyday life. The AI Guide’s initial focus begins...

Thu Nov 16, 2023 18:23

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