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Four Counties Ring: Part 0

A New Start. It has been a while. I haven’t blogged in over a year. The perceived and actual stress of my job, my workload, the death of my mother, all got to me. It directly and indirectly affected my health, culminating with a short enforced sabbatical in the cardiac unit of the Royal Stoke University Hospital last summer. Well, I am happy to report...

Chile Earthquake M8.3 September 16, 2015

Here is the seismogram of the M8.3 Chilean earthquake of September 16, 2015 recorded at Keele University, UK. Occurring about 230km north of Chile’s capital, Santiago, the coast of Chile is prone to large subduction related earthquakes such as this, including the largest earthquake ever recorded, M9.5 in 1960. More information from the USGS.

Oakham, Rutland Earthquake 28/01/15 Recorded at Keele, UK.

A moderate (for the UK) M3.8 earthquake occurred last night near Oakham in Rutland, England. The recording above made at the University of Keele on our 6TD seismometer shows the three-components of ground motion (up-down; north-south; east-west) and nicely shows the arrival of P-waves and S-waves. Our record from our SEP-1 school’s seismometer is not...

Bristol Channel Earthquake 20/02/2014

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake in the Bristol Channel. Seismogram recorded at Keele University. Probably associated with the Bristol Channel Fault System or one of the NW-SE strike slip faults that offset it. Map from PESGB with approximate epicentre highlighted. [Update] The Bristol Channel Fault System is a major fault zone along which it is thought that...

Crete Earthquake M6.4 12/10/2013 Recorded at Keele

M6.4 earthquake strikes 171 km West of Irákleion, Crete, Greece

Pakistan Earthquake September 24, 2013 Recorded at Keele,UK

Today’s September 24, 2013 66km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan Earthquake M7.7 recorded at Keele, UK. Epicentral distance around 55°. More details from the USGS

John Milne 1850-1913

John Milne, the so called ‘father of modern seismology’ died 100 years ago today on July 31, 1913. There has been remarkably little fanfare (outside of the Isle of Wight) marking this centenary which is surprising for such a remarkable man. I can’t help thinking that if he had been a physicist or chemist (or even a palaeontologist or stratigrapher)...

Panama Earthquake M6.7 13/08/2013 Recorded at Keele, UK

Our ‘schools’ seismometer at Keele is now running the java version of amaseis software (called jAmaseis). The earthquake yesterday south of Panama (13/08/2013 M6.7) is our first real opportunity to play with the event viewer part of the software. The result is here… First impressions are that the event window could be a bit larger to see more detail...

Lleyn Earthquake May 29, 2013 recorded at Keele.

Small earthquake under the Lleyn Peninsula of North Wales early this morning (May 29, 2013) recorded here at Keele University. Magnitude 3.8. About 1.5° distant is about 170km away from Keele. (Blue line is P-wave curve, green is S-wave) More details from the BBC here.

The Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire Earthquake Swarm Continues

The swarm of earthquakes in north Leicestershire / south Nottinghamshire continues with another magnitude 2.5 event, again recorded here at Keele. So far there have been several events in the sequence, a couple of previous ones recorded at Keele are in a previous post. Here is the current list from the BGS 2013/02/27 23:57:01.9 52.900 -1.038 7 2.5 ...

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