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Exploring the Best Coffee Roasters in America

Prior to COVID lockdowns, I loved exploring new coffee shops. It was my sport. I’ve been to hundreds of different coffee shops mostly along the West Coast. From British Columbia to San Diego....

Making Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

Here on INeedCoffee, we have several coffee brewing tutorials for making cold brew coffee. You can buy a Primula, a Toddy, or a cold brew filter pouch. Or maybe you don’t need a dedicated...

How to Brew Coffee With Fresh Chicory Root

Each morning always starts with a hot cup of coffee. Recently, I was reminded of family memories from the 1980s of chicory in coffee. I was curious about the role of chicory in coffee, so after doing...

Life is Coffee Comics #33

I Went In Full of Yourself © 2020 Life is Coffee

Coffee Grind Chart

How do I Grind My Coffee? What Equipment do I need? What Grind Level? Sounds like hell for the amateur, and heaven for the Coffee Nerd. Mainly because it means one more quantifiable way of...

How to Make Cafe Cubano (Cuban Coffee)

What tequila is to liquor, cafe cubano is to the world of coffee. It is not sipped or savored… it is shot! Cafe Cubano is at-least double the strength of American coffee. It is a daily morning...

Cold Brew Coffee Cupcakes With Mocha Buttercream Frosting Recipe

I’ll admit I that I have two vices in this world and both aren’t particularly healthy in large quantities, yes my name is Mark, and I’m addicted to coffee and cupcakes! I am a HUGE...

Life is Coffee Comics #32

Coffee Snob Magazine Coffee on Ice © 2020 Life is Coffee

The Cosori Pour Over Coffee Maker

When I first saw the Cosori Pour Over Coffee Maker I saw the resemblance immediately. It looks a lot like a Chemex except that the brewer is set up to use a metal cone filter instead of a paper...

How to Make Pour Over Coffee Using a Cloth

My life is dedicated to coffee growth, cultivation, and re-discovering the past in relation to the various methods of coffee brewing. I capture the past with faint memories of my mother preparing...

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