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Notes on git's error messages

While writing about Git, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks struggle with Git’s error messages. I’ve had many years to get used to these error messages so it took me a really long time to understand why folks were confused, but having thought about it much more, I’ve realized that: sometimes I actually am confused by the error messages, I’m just...

Wed Apr 10, 2024 22:41
Making crochet cacti

I noticed some tech bloggers I follow have been making April Cools Day posts about topics they don’t normally write about (like decaf or microscopes). The goal isn’t to trick anyone, just to write about something different for a day. I thought those posts were fun so here is a post with some notes on learning to crochet tiny cacti. first, the...

Mon Apr 1, 2024 22:48
Some Git poll results

A new thing I’ve been trying while writing this Git zine is doing a bunch of polls on Mastodon to learn about: which git commands/workflows people use (like “do you use merge or rebase more?” or “do you put your current git branch in your shell prompt?”) what kinds of problems people run into with git (like “have you lost work because of a git...

Thu Mar 28, 2024 20:55
The "current branch" in git

Hello! I know I just wrote a blog post about HEAD in git, but I’ve been thinking more about what the term “current branch” means in git and it’s a little weirder than I thought. four possible definitions for “current branch” It’s what’s in the file .git/HEAD. This is how the git glossary defines it. It’s what git status says on the first...

Fri Mar 22, 2024 20:30
How HEAD works in git

Hello! The other day I ran a Mastodon poll asking people how confident they were that they understood how HEAD works in Git. The results (out of 1700 votes) were a little surprising to me: 10% “100%” 36% “pretty confident” 39% “somewhat confident?” 15% “literally no idea” I was surprised that people were so unconfident about their understanding...

Thu Mar 14, 2024 15:16
Popular git config options

Hello! I always wish that command line tools came with data about how popular their various options are, like: “basically nobody uses this one” “80% of people use this, probably take a look” “this one has 6 possible values but people only really use these 2 in practice” So I asked about people’s favourite git config options on Mastodon:...

Thu Mar 14, 2024 15:16

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