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틴탑 – RED POINTRelease Date: 2016.01.18Genre/Style: DanceBit Rate: 320kbps01. 사각지대 (Warning Sign)02. 가지마 (Please, don`t go)03. Day04. Liar05. 기다리죠 (Day after Day)06. 술마시지마 (Don`t drink)Download or Mirror

SUZY (Miss A), BAEKHYUN (EXO) – Dream

수지, 백현 (BAEKHYUN) – DreamRelease Date: 2016.01.07Genre/Style: R&B / SoulBit Rate: 320kbps01. DREAM02. DREAM (Club Live Ver.)Download or Mirror

Dalshabet – The 9th Mini Album ‘Naturalness’

달샤벳 – The 9th Mini Album ‘Naturalness’Release Date: 2016.01.05Genre/Style: Dance, BalladBit Rate: 320kbps01. 지긋이02. 너 같은03. 머리부터 발끝까지 (수빈 Solo)04. 착한 남자 (Feat. 심스) (세리 Solo)05. Dreams Come True (아영 Solo)06. 사랑한다고 해서 (우희 Solo)07. 너 같은 (Inst.)Download or Mirror

Nine Muses – LOST

나인뮤지스 – LOSTRelease Date: 2015.11.24Genre/Style: Dance, BalladBit Rate: 320kbps01. a.m 3:0002. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고03. 몰래 (Secret)04. 쿵치딱치 (KOONG CHIT DAK CHIT)05. TO MINE06. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Inst.)Download or Mirror


EXO (엑소) – LIGHTSABERRelease Date: 2015.11.11Genre/Style: DanceBit Rate: 320kbps01. LIGHTSABERDownload or Mirror


박재범 – WORLDWIDERelease Date: 2015.11.05Genre/Style: Rap / Hip-hopBit Rate: 320kbps01. WORLDWIDE (Feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)02. Don’t Try Me (Feat. Ugly Duck & GRAY)03. My Last (Feat. 로꼬 & GRAY)04. 몸매 (MOMMAE) (Feat. Ugly Duck)05. 뻔하잖아 (YOU KNOW) (Feat. Okasian)06. CHA CHA CYPHER (Feat. G2, 기리보이, VASCO, Dayday, 서출구 & DJ Wegun)07. WHEN (Feat....

VIXX – Chained Up

빅스 – Chained UpRelease Date: 2015.11.10Genre/Style: DanceBit Rate: 320kbps01. Mistress (Intro)02. 사슬 (Chained Up)03. MAZE04. Stop It Girl05. Hot Enough06. Spider07. 부시시08. Heaven09. 지금 우린10. 기적 (Eternity)11. Error12. Can`t Say13. 사슬 (Chained Up) (Inst.)Download or Mirror

M.A.P6 – Storm [The 1st Single Album]

M.A.P6 – StormRelease Date: 2015.11.10Genre: Rap / Hip-HopLanguage: KoreanBit Rate: 320kbps01. Storm02. 휘파람03. Storm (Inst.)Download or Mirror

TAHITI – TAHITI 4th Single Album Skip

타히티 – TAHITI 4th Single Album SkipRelease Date: 2015.11.10Genre/Style: DanceBit Rate: 320kbps01. Skip02. Skip (Inst.)Download or Mirror

Shin Seung Hun – Vol.11 I am…&I am [2CD]

신승훈 – I am…&I amRelease Date: 2015.11.10Genre/Style: Ballad, DanceBit Rate: 320kbpsCD1:01. 이게 나예요02. 해, 달, 별 그리고 우리 (With 김고은)03. 사랑이 숨긴 말들04. AMIGO05. Would You Marry Me06. I WillDownload or Mirror CD2:01. 마요 (Feat. 빈지노)02. Love Again03. Hello, Hello, Hello04. Time Is Mine05. Interstellar06. Would You Marry Me (Neo Ver.)Download or Mirror

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