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Platonic C# - Managing Referential Transparency through Unique Types

The idea of Platonic C# is to enforce referential transparency within the context of C#, by enforcing a set of rules around defaulting to immutability of data structures and requiring uniqueness of instances of mutable types.

Sat Mar 4, 2023 22:31
Computer History Museum releases PostScript source

The Computer History Museum, in conjunction with Adobe, has released the PostScript source code. Here is the release, with some helpful historical context and several photos: The story of PostScript has many different facets. It is a story about profound changes in human literacy as well as a story of trade secrets within source code. It is a story...

Tue Dec 13, 2022 02:37
The Verse Calculus: a Core Calculus for Functional Logic Programming

The Verse Calculus: a Core Calculus for Functional Logic Programming LENNART AUGUSTSSON, Epic Games, Sweden JOACHIM BREITNER KOEN CLAESSEN, Epic Games, Sweden RANJIT JHALA, Epic Games, USA SIMON PEYTON JONES, Epic Games, United Kingdom OLIN SHIVERS, Epic Games, USA/li> TIM SWEENEY,...

Mon Dec 12, 2022 18:23
LtU is now running in a new, more stable environment

LtU has experienced a long period of downtime recently. Its software infrastructure was outdated enough that it became difficult to maintain when problems arose. It has now been migrated to a brand new environment. It should be much more stable from now on.

Wed Aug 31, 2022 10:15
Graydon Hoare: 21 compilers and 3 orders of magnitude in 60 minutes

In 2019, Graydon Hoare gave a talk to undergraduates (PDF of slides) trying to communicate a sense of what compilers looked like from the perspective of people who did it for a living. I've been aware of this talk for over a year and meant to submit a story here, but was overcome by the sheer number of excellent observations. I'll just summarise the...

Sun Feb 27, 2022 18:12
Latent Effects for Reusable Language Components

Latent Effects for Reusable Language Components, by Birthe van den Berg, Tom Schrijvers, Casper Bach Poulsen, Nicolas Wu: The development of programming languages can be quite complicated and costly. Hence, much effort has been devoted to the modular definition of language features that can be reused in various combinations to define new languages...

Thu Oct 14, 2021 17:22

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