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Henrietta Lacks: 'Mother' of modern medicine honoured

Henrietta Lacks was an African-American woman whose cells have led to key medical breakthroughs.

Covid: New WHO group may be last chance to find virus origins

The World Health Organization unveils a new group to examine the emergence of the virus more closely.

Covid: Scientists targeted with abuse during pandemic

Doctors who came into the public eye during Covid received death threats and harassment.

Vaping: FDA approves e-cigarette in US for first time

The drug regulator says the benefits of adult smokers switching to the product outweigh the risks.

Havana syndrome reported at US embassy in Colombia

The mystery illness has sickened US diplomats around the world since it was first reported in 2016.

Mike Tindall on Parkinson's Disease

The former England rugby player speaks to those living with the same condition as his father.

Covid: UK's early response worst public health failure ever, MPs say

But the new report by MPs fails to reflect the views of bereaved relatives, campaigners say.

Covid Australia: Sydney celebrates end of 107-day lockdown

Australia's biggest city passed a key vaccination target, allowing people to enjoy new freedoms.

Pregnant women urged to get Covid vaccine by NHS England

NHS England says the number of pregnant women seriously ill in critical care with the virus has grown.

Malaria vaccine 'will change African lives forever'

As African countries get the vaccine, Newsbeat speaks to two people who've grown up with Malaria.

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