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Dame Deborah James's mother on life without her daughter

Heather James spoke to BBC Breakfast about how her family owe it to her daughter to enjoy life.

First bivalent Covid-19 booster gets UK approval

A new bivalent vaccine made by Moderna that targets two Covid-19 variants has been approved in the UK.

ADHD clinic: 'I'm 22 and I've just been diagnosed'

Lucy was diagnosed with ADHD at 22 years of age, after being told she'd have to wait two years on the NHS.

Covid: UK first country to approve dual-strain vaccine

The vaccine will now form part of the booster campaign ahead of this winter.

The 'traumatic experience' of US monkeypox patients

"If you haven't lived through it, you have no idea the kind of pain this is," one man tells the BBC.

US doctor issues warning of many undiagnosed polio cases

The New York State medic says there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of infected people there.

The woman who found a new life after being given six weeks to live

In 2015, Andrea Sheardown was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer and given just six weeks to live.

Covid-19: North Korea claims to have recovered from outbreak

There is widespread scepticism over North Korea's claim to have the world's lowest Covid death rate.

Monkeypox: US declares outbreak a public health emergency

The decision is expected to speed up the distribution of vaccines, treatments and federal resources.

Pig organs partially revived hour after death

Study could transform access to organs for transplant by reversing some of the damage caused after death.

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