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Using Convex Optimization to Efficiently Apportion Tracer and Pollutant Sources From Point Concentration Observations

Abstract Rivers transport elements, minerals, chemicals, and pollutants produced in their upstream basins. A sample from a river is a mixture of all of its upstream sources, making it challenging to pinpoint the contribution from each individual source. Here, we show how a nested sample design and convex optimization can be used to efficiently unmix...

Fri May 17, 2024 12:01
Compound Inundation Modeling of a 1‐D Idealized Coastal Watershed Using a Reduced‐Physics Approach

Abstract Low-gradient coastal watersheds are susceptible to flooding caused by various flows such as rainfall-runoff, astronomical tides, storm surges, and riverine flows. Compound flooding occurs when at least one coastal flood driver occurs simultaneously or in close succession with a pluvial and/or fluvial flood driver, such as during a tropical...

Fri May 17, 2024 12:01
Causality Analysis and Prediction of Riverine Algal Blooms by Combining Empirical Dynamic Modeling and Machine Learning Techniques

Abstract River algal blooms have become a global environmental problem due to their large impact range and environmental hazards. However, the complex mechanisms underlying these blooms make prediction and prevention challenging. Here, we employed empirical dynamic modeling (EDM) and machine learning to reveal the causes and predict diatom blooms from...

Thu May 16, 2024 11:02
Adaptation of Wind Drag Coefficient Parameterization: Improvement of Hydrodynamic Modeling by a Wave‐Dependent Cd in Large Shallow Lakes

Abstract Wind is a critical driving force in hydrodynamic and water quality modeling of large shallow lakes, and is characterized by the wind drag coefficient C d, representing the momentum transfer at the air-water interface. Contemporary empirical formulae for C d estimation were derived over oceans and some of which are solely wind velocity U...

Wed May 15, 2024 13:01
Interannual Variations in Spring Snowmelt Timing of Alaskan Black Spruce Forests Using a Bulk‐Surface Energy Balance Approach

Abstract Spring snowmelt occurs for a short duration on an annual time scale, but their timings considerably affect the carbon and hydrological cycle in high-latitude ecosystems. Here, we developed a simple snowmelt model, treating the ecosystem surface as a bulk-surface layer. Energy fluxes across this bulk surface and the snow-soil boundary determine...

Wed May 15, 2024 13:01
Enhancing Nitrate Removal With Industrial Wine Residue: Insights From Laboratory Batch and Column Experiments Using Chemical, Isotopic and Numerical Modeling Tools

Abstract Agricultural run-off exposes recipient water bodies to nitrate (NO3 −) pollution. Biological denitrification is a suitable method for removing NO3 − in water resources that can be induced by the use of industrial organic liquid waste as an electron donor source. In light of this, batch and column laboratory experiments were performed to...

Wed May 15, 2024 13:01

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