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The Short Goodbye

With likely vanishing into the ether soon, some of the authors got together to say a short goodbye. Most of it has already been covered in the other posts, but here are some final thoughts as we bid adieu to psgels and hello to! Make sure to join us at the new! Mario: Okay, where to start?...

Mon Dec 2, 2019 08:54 Has Moved!

Click the image above to be taken to our new site:! We’ll have a more formal goodbye post up here soon, but all future episode and series reviews will be posted exclusively at Star Crossed Anime. All 14 years of the site’s historical content have been ported over, as well. Lenlo, Amun, and Aidan worked their tails off setting...

Sat Nov 23, 2019 19:03
Psycho-Pass 3 – 05 [Agamemnon’s Offering]

Moving past the action-packed conclusion of the Gubernatorial elections case, Psycho-Pass 3 goes for a dialogue-heavy episode in preparation of whatever its decides to do for the last three episodes. There was a lot of new ideas and faces being introduced here and I had a little trouble keeping names and beliefs from jumbling altogether....

Fri Nov 22, 2019 10:19
Neon Genesis Evangelion – 3 [The Silent Phone/A Transfer] – Throwback Thursday

Another week, another episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, possibly the last one before the site move. A nice dash for finality, I think. As this week Evangelion continues to explore Shinji’s mental state, what living in this world is like, and a dash of exposition. Lets dive in! Starting off, this was the first episode of Evangelion to not...

Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:26
Chihayafuru S3 – 07 [The Storm Blasts]

I’ve positively loved the last five episodes of Chihayafuru’s third season, so I don’t derive any pleasure from saying that I kind of hated this one. “The Storm Blasts,” in my eyes, makes an unwise narrative choice to achieve a convenient result, and creates a minefield of non-credibility for the show going forward. Though it’s this episode...

Wed Nov 20, 2019 21:33
Psycho-Pass 3 – 04 [Political Strife in the Colosseum]

Sibyl isn’t everything but episode four has me nearly convinced with its balance of investigation, action, and social commentary that it is on par with the first season of Psycho-Pass. Wrapping up this case answers the case’s immediate questions like what makes Komina tick, but only more questions crop up like who is the First Inspector and...

Tue Nov 19, 2019 09:48

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