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Florida Gov. DeSantis says schools can open if Walmart and Home Depot are open

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing to reopen schools in the fall against the advice of some of the nation's top health officials, and said if Walmart and Home Depot are open, schools should be, too.

DNC warns campaigns about using TikTok

The Democratic National Committee warned Democratic campaigns, committees and state parties Friday to take additional security precautions when using TikTok.

Trump continues to ignore pandemic during trip to hotspot of Florida

President Donald Trump's trip to Florida on Friday would seem like any other presidential visit to a swing state a few months before an election if the United States was not in the middle of a pandemic and the Sunshine State not its latest hotspot.

The Point: The 38 most bizarre quotes from Donald Trump's new 'interview' with Sean Hannity

Faced with coronavirus surges in some of the largest states in the country and a public turning dramatically against how he has responded to the crisis, President Donald Trump spent 40 minutes of his Thursday night on the phone with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Trump and Fauci not speaking as coronavirus pandemic worsens

For months, amid the worst pandemic in a century, President Donald Trump insisted all was well between him and the nation's top infectious disease specialist.

Ohio governor says no statewide mask mandate despite spread of virus cases

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Friday said he doesn't plan on issuing a statewide mask mandate despite a growing number of coronavirus cases, believing that such requirements are needed primarily for counties with larger populations.

'It's the same thing': Experts baffled by Trump's misleading distinction between 'absentee' and 'mail-in' ballots

President Donald Trump has railed against "mail-in voting" while defending "absentee voting," baffling experts who say those voting systems are essentially the same thing.

Flynn case now paused while full appeals court considers review

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn's criminal case is in limbo again as the full DC Circuit Court of Appeals thinks about reconsidering its immediate dismissal.

Dozens of Mississippi lawmakers have coronavirus after weeks of refusing to wear masks

If you've been in contact with your state lawmaker in Mississippi, you may want to get a coronavirus test.

Trump's New Hampshire rally delayed because of expected thunderstorms

President Donald Trump's Portsmouth, New Hampshire, rally has been delayed, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Friday.

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