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'Dr. Beach' names the top 10 US beaches for 2022

A wild expanse on North Carolina's Outer Banks has earned the top spot on an annual list of America's best beaches.

'Firewater' for dessert? Chinese spirit brand Moutai creates baijiu-infused ice cream

Moutai, a clear and potent spirit famed its incredibly strong taste, is known for being the drink-of-choice amongst many Chinese politicians and businesspeople looking to impress their colleagues.

How airline ticket scalpers took over the Chinese travel market

When I made up my mind to travel outside of Hong Kong in early March, the city's daily Covid-19 case count had just passed 50,000, with the highest fatality rate in the world.

See the dish that inspired Julia Child to start cooking

When legendary chef Julia Child tried sole meunière, it changed her life. "It was my first French food and I never got over it," Child recalled in archival footage in the new documentary "Julia" that premieres Monday, May 30, at 8 p.m. ET.

Elizabeth line: Huge new underground railway opens deep beneath London

A huge new subterranean railway whisked fare-paying passengers deep beneath the streets of London for the first time on Tuesday as the UK capital opened a $25 billion new metro line that will transform travel across the city.

How American-style cheesecake was born in ancient Rome

Toga-clad Romans loved snacking on cheesecake made from goat milk and honey. Their recipes evolved over time and distance to become American cheesecake, which is now a big hit back in Italy.

World's fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

The race to resume supersonic passenger flights decades after the retirement of Concorde was offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when plane manufacturer Bombardier revealed high speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new business jet.

'The Love Boat': How a TV show transformed the cruise industry

In three decades from the 1970s, cruise passengers increased exponentially. According to industry insiders, that leap in numbers was mainly down to a certain TV show with a catchy theme tune. "Come aboard, we're expecting you."

Makgeolli: How Korean rice wine is stepping out of soju's shadow

A new generation of Korean entrepreneurs are taking makgeolli, a sweet and milky Korean rice wine, global.

From alternative fuels to rationing trips: A guide to more sustainable flying

As pandemic-related restrictions start to lift, and we emerge from the lockdown shadows, one thing is returning to the minds and spending of many people: travel.

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