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<i>Plugged In</i> Says Farewell

Plugged In will unplug on Friday. It’s been a great seven years and we look forward to continuing the conversations that we started here -- Read more on

Making Electricity Consumes a Lot of Water--What's the Best Way to Fix That?

Reducing water consumption from power plants is a worthy conservation strategy, but the cost may outweigh the benefits compared with alternatives like desalinating saltwater -- Read more on

High Percentage of Kindergartens Exposed to Transport Pollutants

Worsening air pollution from coal power and urban transport are threatening a high percentage of children across the world -- Read more on

Does Renewable Energy Increase Electricity Prices? See for Yourself

How much does electricity cost in your state? Where does it come from? Here's a chart -- Read more on

Dieselgate Pales in Comparison to What Automakers Just Did in America

It might be time for automakers to close their corporate sustainability responsibility departments after their American lobbying association reversed efficiency and pollution gains and... -- Read more on

New Report: Renewables Are Booming, but Fossils Are Still King

Renewables are booming worldwide. But, 70 percent of energy demand growth was met by fossil fuels in 2017, leading to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions -- Read more on

U.S. Electricity: Natural Gas and Coal Fall as Renewables Continue to Rise

Electricity generation from both natural gas and coal fell in 2017. At the same time, renewables—especially hydropower, wind and solar—continued to rise -- Read more on

How Kids Can Help Transport Planners Design Better Cities

A wider variety of stakeholders need to be included to design more accessible cities and concomitant transport systems -- Read more on

First Metro Projects in Vietnam Risk Bigger Problems Than Delays

Underground line projects in Saigon and Hanoi are examples of the challenges of transport ventures that are not delayed by technical issues but by a lack of administrative planning, technical... -- Read more on

Federal Commission Issues Order to Integrate Energy Storage with U.S. Power Markets

Under new regulations, power markets must recognize the unique characteristics of energy storage to reduce barriers to its direct competition with power plants -- Read more on

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