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Far-right candidate seduces Argentine electorate

A far-right candidate in Argentina has created traction amongst voters from multiple backgrounds, granting him the biggest share of primary votes to select party candidates to compete in the October general election. (Aug. 31) (AP Video/Victor R. Caivano/Cristian Kovadlof)       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 17:20
Hundreds join Nepal gay pride rally

Hundreds of LGBTQ+ rights activists, couples and their supporters paraded in the capital of Nepal on Thursday, calling for greater rights for gender minorities. (Aug. 31)       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 17:20
'Never seen anything like this': Idalia deluge still wreaking havoc in Southeast. Live updates

Gradual weakening of Idalia was expected, but the tropical storm remained capable of destruction with 'life-threatening' flooding in the Carolinas.       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 16:40
USF is building a $340M on-campus football stadium amid concerns academics are being left behind

The University of South Florida is building a new football stadium on its campus, which it hopes will bring recruitment and revenue to the school. Some community members wish the money were being spent differently. (Aug. 31) (AP Video/Laura Bargfeld)       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 16:21
Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa flooded by Idalia

Drone video from Tampa shows Bayshore Boulevard flooded. Some locals even decided kayaking would be a good way to pass time. (Aug 30)       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 16:21
Idalia makes history along Florida's Big Bend, McConnell freezes again: 5 Things podcast

Idalia is downgraded to a tropical storm after hitting Georgia, Carolinas and Florida, McConnell to consult a doctor after freezing again: 5 Things podcast       

Thu Aug 31, 2023 15:33

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