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One dead following jet-fueled truck explosion at Battle Creek Field of Flight festival

The accident reportedly involved a jet-fueled truck exploding Saturday at the Field of Flight air show and balloon festival in Battle Creek, Michigan.       

Virgin launches U.S. defence satellites from California

A Virgin Orbit rocket carrying U.S. Defense Department satellites was launched from a special Boeing 747 flying off the southern California coast on Friday night. (July 2)       

Ukrainian troops describe frontline as 'hell on Earth'

Ukrainian soldiers returning from the frontlines in Ukraine's Donbas region - where Russia is waging a fierce offensive - have described the conditions there as 'hell on Earth.' (July 2)       

Zoo animals celebrate Independence Day with red, white, and blue treats

Chicago's Brookfield Zoo created very special treats for their animals to enjoy for July Fourth.       

Questions remain as Kentucky mourns 3 cops killed while serving domestic violence warrant

The tiny Kentucky town of Allen is mourning the deaths of 3 officers killed Thursday night in a shooting incident described as "pure hell."       

An Ohio 10-year-old crossed state lines for abortion care in Indiana. She isn't alone

An Ohio 10-year-old girl is among many who have been forced to seek abortions in states like Indiana after Roe was overturned.       

Are lightning bugs disappearing from night skies? Dimming prospects face some fireflies

Are fireflies, or lightning bugs, disappearing? For some types, the answer is yes, as they are hurt by chemicals, light pollution and development.       

Witness describes impact of missile strike in Serhiivka

Emergency workers continued searching Saturday through a nine-storey residential block in southern Ukraine which was hit by missiles on Friday, leaving several people dead. (July 2)       

'Brutal video': Akron braces for protests, release of footage of fatal police shooting of Jayland Walker

The Akron Police Department is expected to provide details of the shooting, including body camera footage, at a news conference Sunday.       

Abortion illegal in Texas again: Texas Supreme Court blocks order that allowed abortions to resume

Abortions are illegal in Texas again, now that the state Supreme Court blocked a court order permitting abortions after Roe v. Wade was overturned.       

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