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Apple's 512GB Mac Mini M1 returns to a record-low $800 at Amazon

Apple's M1 Mac Mini with 512GB storage has returned to a record-low $800 price at Amazon.

Automate your cleaning with this affordable robot vacuum

The Kyvol Cybovac S31 is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that learns your floor plan, cleans only where you want it and it can even mop. This robovac takes care of your home and itself by cleaning on schedule and charging itself when it needs to.

Nintendo sues Bowser for violating copyright with Switch hacks

Nintendo is suing Bowser (that is, Gary Bowser) for allegedly violating copyright by selling Switch hacks.

'Roblox' will use content ratings to help limit access to sexual material

'Roblox' creators have promised a content rating system that will help prevent kids from seeing sexual activity in games on the platform.

NASA will attempt to fly its Mars helicopter on April 19th

NASA now expects to fly its Mars helicopter Ingenuity no earlier than April 19th, with live coverage that morning.

Chrome 90 will let you share links to highlighted text

Google has started rolling out a feature for Chrome 90, which will allow you to create a link that takes people straight to the part of a page you highlighted.

Washington state votes to ban new gas car sales by 2030

Washington state has voted for a measure that will ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2030, years before California.

Peloton opposes US demand for Tread+ recall following child injuries

Peloton is fighting US demands for a Tread+ recall after reports of numerous injuries to children, including one death.

Hitting the Books: How Planck's 'chain of tiny beads' helps explain why lightbulbs work

'Einstein's Fridge' author Paul Sen explores the works and quirks of the pioneering researchers — from Lord Kelvin and James Joule to Emmy Noether, Alan Turing, and Stephen Hawking — who sought to understand how heat helped shape the known universe.

Studio SWEAT delivers a gym experience to your home for $99

With a one-year subscription to Studio SWEAT onDemand, you get access to a massive list of live and pre-recorded fitness classes. You’ll join thousands of other members who are working out remotely while still enjoying the full gym experience.

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