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KYC obstacles hamper Mifid II preparations

The extended deadline for Mifid II is now only six months away, and along with an increase in the amount and quality of data financial institutions (FIs) have to record, they must also reassess customer relationships.

Corporate cards popular as working capital solution

The use of corporate and virtual cards as part of a working capital management solution has become a defined strategy for some treasurers, who are also seeing the benefits of having an additional level of data.

Banks refocus in search of ancillary business

The knock-on effect of market retrenchment is prompting banks to streamline their internal businesses to identify revenue-generating opportunities.

Treasurers diversify cash investment in search of yield

The era of low rates has led treasury teams managing cash surpluses to diversify their assets and exposures.

Tightening Asian regulations create corporate discord

International companies new to Asia find working in the region more difficult than anticipated, as Asian regulators move towards a protectionist stance.

Middle East's best bank for transaction services 2017: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Ripple reaps benefits of payments focus

Ripple has come to be the dominant name for payments in the distributed ledger (DL) space, thanks largely to the decision to consolidate its efforts.

Uncertainty results in cash hoarding by US treasurers

As treasurers in the US are left guessing about the outcome of potential policy changes, keeping hold of their cash looks to be their preferred option.

Swift measures highlight external bank cyber vulnerabilities

Swift has launched a raft of new security measures for users to protect against further fraudulent attempts to access the messaging network. Outside of this, banks still need to further invest in their own safeguards.

KYC registries becoming useful data utilities

Know your customer (KYC) registries and utilities were created to comply with rising regulatory requirements. However, as a trusted source of counterparty information, they are finding additional uses across business lines.

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