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Qatar crisis shatters its low-risk credentials

The decision to isolate Doha for its links to Islamist terrorism has plunged the region into turmoil and sent its creditworthiness into a spin.

Restructuring offers growth for Moelis in Brazil

Brazil office opened in 2014 and has won several prestigious mandates; firm argues changes to bankruptcy code would boost M&A.

Lebanon central bank’s Salamé prepares for the next storm

After another tumultuous year for banking in Lebanon, the central bank governor discusses the political pushback against his actions, the potential impact of a new US law targeting Hezbollah and the prospects for his reappointment.

Data talks big in Brazil – for now

The country’s biggest banks are working on the big data challenge. If successful, it could transform the industry and its performance. But quantifying the impact and differentiating between potential winners and losers is almost impossible.

Anbang: The random Chinese buyer’s figurehead runs out of steam

It’s hard not to see, in the detention of Anbang chairman Wu Xiaohui, the final nail in the coffin of a certain kind of exuberant Chinese dealmaking.

Belt and Road Forum brings clarity but not yet fees

The B&R forum held in Beijing brought a little clarity to a so far rather nebulous concept.

Philippine’s Espenilla: publicly positive appointment, but behind closed doors…

Reaction to Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s appointment of Nestor Espenilla Jr as the new governor of the central bank, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), has been publicly positive.

Country risk: Russia is on the long road back

Experts are beginning to feel more confident about Russia’s prospects, and its credit ratings will ultimately reflect this.

Malaysia merger mania speaks to changing domestic and regional challenges

A suggested merger of two of Malaysia’s large banks and the sale of half of another’s international brokerage to a Chinese peer have shaken up the country’s financial services industry in the space of a week – what’s happening?

When Brazilian bank holidays meet financial regulation

What gated communities can teach us about gaming the system.

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