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Dow Falls 350 Points Amid Renewed Coronavirus Fears And Worrying Economic Outlook

Stocks took a hit amid fears that surging coronavirus cases could prolong the recession.

Crowdfunded Alaska Poll Shows Unusually Tight Presidential, Congressional Races In Deep-Red State

President Trump, Sen. Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young are all locked in hotly competitive races with their general election opponents.

Pritzker Says The Trump Administration Forced States To Compete For PPE In A ‘Sick Hunger Games’

"The federal government wasn't leading. We were," Pritzker said.

Is It Safe To Take A Summer Road Trip In The COVID-19 Era?

It’s safest to just take a “staycation,” but there are precautions you can take to minimize the risk involved.

How Will COVID-19 Affect My Savings?

"These are certainly worrying times, but all is not lost." Debra Brede lends some sound advice for your savings during COVID-19.

McConnell, Top Republicans Hesitate On GOP Convention Attendance As Florida Cases Skyrocket

Other Republicans have flat out declined an invitation.

US Auto Industry Under Threat At Home And Abroad

Similar successes are coming, but this time, they are likely to come from automakers in China and Europe.

Ft. Lauderdale Police Chief Out After Officers Fired Rubber Bullets, Laughing At Protesters

A peaceful protester was hit in the face, breaking her eye socket.

Four Positive Lessons Marketers Learned From the Coronavirus Crisis

Netflix, Trader Joe’s, Warby Parker were all brands started during a recession.

Feds Reportedly Move To Prevent Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell From Attempting Suicide In Prison

The feds have reportedly taken away Maxwell’s sheets and given her paper clothes as a precautionary measure.

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