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Ted Cruz Flayed Over Ludicrous Idea For Preventing School Shootings

According to the Republican senator, it's the number of doors, not guns, that schools should be worried about.

Top Texas Catholic Endorses New Gun Regulations After Uvalde Massacre

“We’re supposed to promote life, the life of people,” Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller said.

CNN Host Asks GOP Rep. Why Texas Can Act Fast To Protect Embryos But Not Children

"Why can’t you protect living 10-year-olds?" Alisyn Camerota pressed state Rep. James White.

Youth Gun Deaths In Texas Doubled Under Greg Abbott. Then Came Uvalde.

While mass shootings multiplied, the Texas governor liberalized firearm access.

The Most Extreme Abortion Ban In The Country Was Just Signed Into Law In Oklahoma

Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) just signed a bill that bans abortion at fertilization and uses the same enforcement mechanism as Texas' six-week ban.

Right-Wingers Accused A Trans Woman Of Being The Texas Shooter To Deflect Blame

Immediately following the shooting, disinformation began to spread online and was amplified by Republicans with big followings.

The Rage Over Another Massacre – And What To Do With It

The NRA and friends got this much power through a combination of anger and patience. Their opponents may need to do the same.

An Imminent Supreme Court Ruling Could Make Gun Safety Laws Even Weaker

The conservative justices could strike down a New York law, endangering basic gun safety measures in huge swaths of the country.

Mike Lee Wonders If ‘Fatherlessness’ Is Behind Mass Shootings

“Every time one of these tragedies occurs … we fail to look back at the root causes of rampage violence,” said the GOP senator.

Republicans Not Sure Why America Has So Many Gun Deaths

But they're pretty sure it's not because of all those guns.

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