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PCI DSS Cloud Compliance Cheat Sheet

Learn the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, penalties, and how you can ensure your cloud programs meet compliance requirements. Steps for securing card data in the cloud include: <ul><li style="margin-left: 40px;">Audit where card data is being stored and transmitted</li><li style="margin-left:...

Definitive Guide to Cloud Security

The cloud is transforming business for the better. However, given the seemingly endless supply of headlines on data breaches, it's not surprising that data security is now a board-level concern for 61% of organizations. Whether you're just starting to define cloud security processes and policies, or you're reviewing an existing framework, we've put...

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Based on anonymized usage data from over 17 million users, this Cloud Adoption and Risk Report provides an analysis of the current cloud landscape and security risks posed by sharing data with partners in the cloud. In this report, we focus on partner connections like the one hackers exploited in the $148 million Target breach. Download this report...

7 Compliance-Killing Cloud DLP Mistakes

Leverage the substantial time, money, and resources invested in your on premise DLP solutions. This cheat sheet offers critical considerations for applying your DLP policies to cloud services.

10 Ways Everyone Should Approach Cybersecurity in 2015

Many security breaches over the last year have taught us new lessons (or clarified ones we should have already learned). This paper reviews these key issues and focuses attention on ten responses we all need to adopt in our approach to security in 2015.

The DomainTools Report: A Profile of Malicious Domains 2015

Much of the malicious activity on the Internet is classified and tracked in domain blacklists and reputation scores. But these do little to profile and predict cybercrime to proactively protect against domains that have yet to exhibit illicit behavior. Malicious actors behave in a predictable manner, and the more thoroughly we profile that behavior,...

The 2015 Threat Report

Advice in this report ranges from the tactical to the strategic. These security recommendations will provide actionable information and guidance, while taking into account the need for organizations to grow and innovate at the same time.<br /><br />For executives, this report will identify key security threat trends. For IT security personnel,...

The Human Factor 2015

Most advanced attacks rely as much on exploiting human flaws as on exploiting system flaws. Proofpoint developed this report, The Human Factor, to explore this under-reported aspect of enterprise threats using data gathered from the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection product deployed in customer environments, tracking threats in email attachments,...

Using DNS Data in Cybercrime Intelligence and Incident Forensics

When cybercrime happens, it is imperative to discover as much as possible about the scope of activity and the entity behind the crime. The right set of data and tools can help unmask hostname and IP address ownership, can highlight connections between nefarious online resources and accelerate your investigation into malicious activity and criminal attribution....

Supercharge Your SIEM: How Domain Intel Enhances Situational Awareness

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools have become indispensable for the modern enterprise. These are the eyes and ears of a security team, providing them with the ability to detect network anomalies and track down threats. But even the best SIEM tool falls short when it comes to situational awareness of key "outside the firewall" aspects...

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