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Organizations Urged to Fix 41 Vulnerabilities Added to CISA’s Catalog of Exploited Flaws

The newly added vulnerabilities span six years, with the oldest disclosed in 2016

Messages Sent Through Zoom Can Expose People to Cyber-Attack

Zoom has experienced several vulnerabilities in its software.

UK Government Cybersecurity Advisory Board Applications Now Open

Applications for joining the Government Cyber Security Advisory Board are now open.

GoodWill Ransomware Demands People Help the Most Vulnerable

Ransomware detected in India is calling upon people to assist in feeding, clothing and making healthcare accessible to the poor.

68% of Legal Sector Data Breaches Caused by Insider Threats

Over half of breaches were caused by human error, according to ICO's data

Senate Report: US Government Lacks Comprehensive Data on Ransomware

The report said the federal government should prioritize data collection on ransomware attacks

Ransomware Attacks Increasing at "Alarming" Rate

Ransomware breaches have increased by 13% – more than last five years combined – according to new report

Cabinet Office Reports 800 Missing Electronic Devices in Three Years

The figures have raised concerns about sensitive government data falling into hands of nefarious actors

US Car Giant General Motors Hit by Cyber-Attack Exposing Car Owners' Personal Info

The stuffing attack exposed customer information and allowed hackers to redeem rewards points

ICO Fines Clearview AI £7.5m for Collecting UK Citizens’ Data

Clearview AI has also ordered to delete existing data of UK residents from its systems

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